The Latest Trends for Terraces

Terraces are a treasure. Are you lucky to have one? If so, you should take care of it and keep it in the style of the latest trends.
The Latest Trends for Terraces

Last update: 13 August, 2022

With the arrival of the good weather, you’ll undoubtedly be making more use of your outdoor spaces and terraces. You’re likely to spend hours enjoying the sunshine and entertaining family and friends outdoors. So what better way to do this than to have a pleasant, comfortable terrace that’s decorated according to the latest trends?

Let your terrace become the star of the show and shine in all its splendor.

Take a look at what you need to do to give that chic touch to your home exterior. Choose a relaxed style, soft colors, and materials that invite you to slow down from the frenetic pace of everyday life.

Shopping to enjoy an outdoor home

This year more than ever, you can enjoy the sun, fresh air, and relaxing moments in open spaces. To make this happen, fine-tune your terrace and splash it with trends.

The undisputed king of colors this year, is neutral. White and beige are in control and their timeless ability allows them to do so.

However, you can also add a touch of color to celebrate summer. One of the favorites is turquoise, which can come in the form of accessories or cushions for a relaxing chair.

But that’s not all! According to the Pantone Institute, yellow is still a popular choice. Moreover, it’s an ideal tone for terraces and you can add floral details, some textiles, or even a plant.

A retro touch

If there’s a style that triumphs in terms of terraces, it’s the one that transmits the slow life trend. It’s time to disconnect from stress and tension.

Without a doubt, adding some retro elements will be a sure way to achieve this. You could incorporate the Acapulco chair. With its round design and relaxed feel, you’ll easily create the slow life trend you’re seeking.

Polycarbonate panels, what are they for?

Natural fiber terraces

Natural fibers continue to be the undisputed companions of terraces. They’re warm, but they also provide a touch of freshness. They can be used on any terrace in the form of furniture, rugs, or lamps.

You can also cheat! If you’re concerned about the elements damaging your furniture, there are resin finishes that mimic rattan in a spectacular way. The advantage is that they’re much more resistant to the sun and extreme temperatures.

Other materials

Not everything is limited to softness. Currently, the trend for using materials such as concrete, especially in the form of a table is high on the agenda. The hardness of this material complements lighter and more organic forms.

Along with this, terrazzo (in different colors) is also a popular choice. It can be used in the form of accessories, side tables, or tableware and will help you to create a modern and daring space.

Terraces should communicate with your interior space

Comfort prevails, so you can enjoy a space that invites you to stay in it. For this, you need it to be vivid, with storage space and tables, chairs, cushions, and everything else you’ll need to enjoy it.

It’s also about creating an open space that communicates with the interior, using furniture that serves both areas. After all, there’s nothing better than multifunctional features for having relaxed areas throughout our homes.

Terraces are the greatest treasure you can have in summer. Following these trends will give you a fresh new look and a place to unwind.