Terrazzo Is Back and Will Win You Over

The new terrazzo is in town. It's different, colorful and full of texture. And we've fallen head over heels.
Terrazzo Is Back and Will Win You Over

Last update: 11 January, 2020

Some old trends seem like they’ll never see the light again. We’ve stuffed them back into the depths of our closet– if they’re fashion trends– or we remember them from our grandparent’s home decor. You might ask yourself why terrazzo ever was popular in decor. But guess what? Everything comes back reinvented for the better.

Terrazzo – from hate to love

terrazzo hate

Believe it or not, terrazzo doesn’t originate from your grandma’s house. People first started using it in Venice in the 15th century as a way to use the pebbles and pieces that were left over from marble. They combined them with clay to create pavements. Over time, people used cement instead of clay to create a stronger, longer-lasting product.

Terrazzo became huge in the seventies and found plenty of use in the construction boom where builders needed cheap materials to build fast.

We’ve all seen terrazzo so much that its appeal sunk to the levels of popcorn ceilings and carpet; we swore we’d never use it in our own homes. But terrazzo is back and it’s not one of those trends that you simply accept after seeing it so much. It’s now more visually appealing, colorful and adaptable.

What is terrazzo made out of?

terrazzo material

Deep in the quarries, there will always be blocks of stones that can’t be used, at least not for a specific project. Workers break up these blocks and mix the pieces with cement. The resulting stone is unique but can also undergo color treatment as well.

Next, workers fashion tiles out of these stones. While these tiles originally were destined for pavements, now we’re also seeing these tile-like designs on textiles, wallpaper, dishware, and even bathroom or kitchen countertops.

Add a little terrazzo to your life

1. Textiles

terrazzo textiles

Terrazzo is an easy design to emulate and use in patterns. As a result, you’ve probably seen it on all kinds of surfaces. We love seeing terrazzo-print pillows alongside others with floral or solid-color patterns.

2. Dishware

terrazzo dishware

Terrazzo has also hit dishes and cups— and we love it. These ceramic trends are leading to more and more personal, artisan designs and products.

3. Floors

terrazzo floor

This material isn’t just for pavements anymore. You can find it in a variety of colors and designs. But the best part about terrazzo’s comeback is the new finishes and textures!

4. Walls

terrazzo walls

Check out these walls that are full of colorful shapes  thanks to a creative wallpaper. The wallpaper makes for a trendy transformation and you can always change it when you want something new.

5. Decorative objects

terrazzo decorative

You can apply this pattern to pots, vases or office accessories as you see in the image above. The trend is taking over every corner of home decor… Who would’ve ever thought it?

6. Restaurants

terrazzo restaurants

Some restaurants are using terrazzo tables to create modern settings that couldn’t be farther from what we used to associate terrazzo with.

7. Countertops

terrazzo countertop

We especially adore how it looks in kitchens. Kitchen decor manufacturers can now print the pattern on resistant materials to help you create bright and original spaces.

8. Bathrooms

terrazzo bathrooms

Terrazzo tiles come in all kinds of sizes and colors. They can take center stage in your bathroom decor by starring on your largest wall. Or simply cover a small space as a way to grab attention. You won’t be able to get enough of this strong comeback.

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