5 Types of Synthetic Rattan Seats

Synthetic rattan seats make perfect indoor and outdoor furniture, as this material is resistant and durable. Also, it stands out due to its functional capacity and aesthetically distinctive and simple appearance.
5 Types of Synthetic Rattan Seats

Last update: 25 September, 2020

People use all kinds of materials to furnish their homes. Wood, glass, and stone are the most common. However, there are other possibilities you may not know about. Therefore, we decided to share five types of synthetic rattan seats.

People usually want durable decorative elements. In other words, those that don’t deteriorate easily and that stay the same throughout the years. For this, you need to select high-quality furniture.

Society is increasingly demanding. When you decorate a home, you want each item to help define a specific aesthetic. Therefore, each helps you decorate both indoors and outdoors.

What’s synthetic rattan?

A synthetic rattan chair.
Image: sklum.com

You might not know what synthetic rattan is, what it looks like, and what it can contribute to your home. But you may have seen it in more than one place and enjoyed it on more than one occasion.

Synthetic rattan is manufactured with high-density polyethylene. As it’s not natural, it’s considered an eco-friendly and sustainable material that, in turn, doesn’t harm the environment.

You shouldn’t confuse it with the natural rattan that comes from climbing palms and is much more fragile. Synthetic rattan perfectly withstands inclement weather: rain, cold, or heat. Therefore, it’s very resistant and durable.

Synthetic rattan is an alternative seat material to other more traditional ones.

5 types of synthetic rattan seats

A synthetic rattan sectional.
Image: amazon.es

Below, we’ll analyze five types of synthetic rattan seats. The goal of this analysis is to help you get ideas to decorate your home. This decorative element helps you create beautiful spaces.

  1. Outdoor chairs are the most common synthetic rattan seats. Generally, people use these chairs to furnish gardens, placing several of them around a table. Brown, gray, and black synthetic rattan chairs are the most common. They’re very popular in the hospitality industry.
  2. Padded armchairs are characterized by having armrests and cushions to ensure greater comfort. You can find armchairs that seat one or more people. They’re perfect for both indoor and outdoor relaxation areas.
  3. Synthetic rattan sectional. Sometimes, you welcome several guests into your home. This set up is the perfect way to achieve a relaxed and calm atmosphere for your guests to feel right at home. Of course, it’s padded and easy to move.
  4. Indoor chair. This is another option that stands out due to its simplicity. It’s a single piece that’s somewhat rigid, which is why you should add cushions for comfort.
  5. Tropical style armchair. A very unique option that, without a doubt, stands out due to its appearance. It’s oval-shaped and not very ergonomic. For this reason, appearance is more important than functionality.

What spaces do these seats fit into?

Two armchairs.
Image: manomano.es

As we mentioned above, synthetic rattan seats are very versatile. Depending on their aesthetics, they’ll look good in many places. What’s important is to make sure they’re useful and that you complement them with the rest of the resources.

In your garden, you can use them to make a chill-out space. On the other hand, for picnic areas or celebration spaces, simple chairs without armrests look great.

Indoors, you can apply a similar system. Instead of having a dining room with heavy-duty furniture, synthetic rattan is much lighter. It’s easier to move seats made of this material. By using them, you can achieve a unique decoration.

Where to buy synthetic rattan seats

A simple chair.
Image: chairsmesas.es

Many small home decor stores sell these types of seats. However, most people visit commercial stores, which usually have good prices. Remember that these seats are very eye-catching and decorative.

On the Internet, you can find many stores where you can purchase this product. Although these stores display high-quality photos, it may be a good idea to see the products in person.


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