The Key to Creating a Vintage Kitchen

Discover what elements you need to create a vintage kitchen.
The Key to Creating a Vintage Kitchen

Last update: 23 October, 2020

Kitchens are where many people spend a lot of their time and they are a twofold challenge when decorating them. On one hand, they need to be practical and functional and, on the other, they should look good. In this article, you’ll discover the key to creating a vintage kitchen.

This is, without a doubt, one of the most aesthetically beautiful proposals for the heart of the home. Let’s start work on giving your kitchen that warm look.

A few items used when creating a vintage kitchen.

Why do we love a vintage kitchen?

There are many approaches to choose from when designing your kitchen and they’re all pretty and, quite possibly, you’re struggling to choose one. You’ve got industrial looking kitchens, some look more classic with marble countertops, and others are modern with futuristic details.

A vintage kitchen stands out because it transmits that homely feeling – the warmth of a family dinner. Combining old elements with the right colors and materials, will make it easier to give your kitchen that vintage look you want.

The most interesting thing is that you can get what you want using soft colors or bolder colors too, depending on what you like, and a few key elements such as wooden shelves, retro appliances or checkered floors.

The key to creating a vintage kitchen

Wooden shelves

Open wooden shelves are beautiful and, besides, they are the perfect element for a vintage kitchen look. You can showcase your favorite china and ceramic jars, managing that perfect and charming look.

Retro appliances

Smeg refrigerators are known for their colorful themes, colors and a vintage aesthetic. However, you may also add a mixer, a coffee maker, or a cute toaster.

A pastel color palette for a vintage kitchen look

Regarding the color palette, you can create a vintage kitchen with neutral colors. However, pastel colors will give it the right effect.

As you know, most vintage appliances come in pastel colors: green, pink, blue, and yellow. However, you can use wallpaper in delicate patterns or paint an auxiliary table. You’ll love how it looks.

Add a focal point

If you have the chance to add true vintage furniture, do it. Try using a restored countertop and make it into an island, or add a shelf. This kind of furniture will make your kitchen unique and special.

Checkered floors

Checkered floors are a classic and they look pretty. Don’t limit yourself to black and white. You can use the colors that fit best the rest of the decoration.

A special sink

If you want to add that final touch for a vintage kitchen, install an old sink. You can find real works of art, new or second hand. You can hang curtains below, if you don’t want to use a closed shelf.

Creating a vintage kitchen means adding these few elements to make it look & feel authentic: curtains, wood, stools, ad hoc lamps and voilà!

You’ll see yourself enjoying this new space. It’ll be so comfortable, you won’t want to leave and all your family will enjoy cooking in this new vintage kitchen.

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