Unique Pieces - Restore and Redecorate

Repurpose, recycle, and redecorate to create unique pieces
Unique Pieces - Restore and Redecorate

Last update: 09 May, 2020

How about recycling that furniture or those antiques that sit around your house?  You don’t know what to do with them? Keep reading because we’re going to give you some interesting ideas for unique pieces.

Recycle and decorate your house by giving new uses to your furnishings. In this way, you’ll be taking advantage of antique pieces or inventing your own accessories.  You’ll see that with imagination you can give your home a more personal touch.

Recycle and decorate your home with unique pieces

We’re sure that you’ll love our suggestions because you’ll be able to do them yourself. Even though you aren’t an expert in restoration or handicrafts, with patience and enthusiasm you’ll succeed!

Unique pieces – a restored dresser

Have you reorganized your bedroom and you don’t know what to do with the antique dresser that your mother gave you? Think of it as an old friend. Make use of it by putting it in the living room, for example.

If it’s varnished wood and you want to change the look, you can opt for a rustic effect. To do that, clean and sand it. Doing this will remove the varnish.

Next, rub it in the direction of the grain with a solution of water and bleach. This will give a whitish tone that’s in style, and voila!  You have your brand new dresser.

Convert a bed into a sofa

Children grow quickly, so not all furniture remains useful. So you can always give it a new purpose. For instance, a bed that has now become too small can be converted into a stylish sofa. 

To make it comfortable, it’s important to put it against the wall so it has support. For example, if you put it under a window, it makes a romantic bench. We recommend that you choose pillows that are very fluffy and of different sizes. The ones for the back need to be very big.

Recycle and decorate your house with a chest as a sink

There are unique pieces of furniture that deserve a second chance because of their beauty and history. Try to rescue a big chest and convert it to a sink in a rustic bathroom. 

Its size and interior space will allow it to accommodate two sinks without problems. But take into account that the wood will need to be protected. To keep it nice, use a waterproof clear varnish. This will prevent it from losing its beauty and protect it from humidity in the bathroom.

Don’t forget that to use any piece of furniture as a sink, it needs to be a height of 32 to 34 inches and a depth of 20 inches.

Use doors or windows as a headboard

Do you want us to give you a unique idea? Take note, because you’ll love this! Reuse some pretty wooden shutters or an old door. Remember to try to conserve their look by using vegetable oil to enhance their grain.

Try putting the doors or windows where the original headboard would be. This will give your bedroom a new look.

Unique pieces from the outside for your office

Outside furniture can also have a place inside the house. Maybe you have an iron table and chairs outside. These can be used to create an artsy office inside.

Furniture of this material is ideal for offices because it’s very stylized. Also, it’s able to fit in a small space. Consequently, it’s easy to store and transport. So try it and you’ll see that it fits very well in your office.

If the furniture is in poor condition, we suggest that you first strip it. Next, apply an antioxidant product and then a special paint for metal.

Recycle and decorate your house with small decorative details                                   

A closet made of boxes.


Wine or fruit boxes, and in general all wooden boxes are ideal to convert for home use. You can transform them into trays for dressing and condiments. Wooden boxes can make good magazine racks, shoe bins, or flower pot holders.

Do you have an old cup or vase? Don’t throw it out. Instead, create a unique and personal candle. Just fill it with hot wax, put in a wick, and let it cool. If you add a few drops of essential oil, you’ll have a lovely fragrance in your home.

Do you like these ideas? Go ahead and try one. We’d like to find out the results.


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