The Glass Enclosures Trend

Do you want to separate the rooms of your house without losing light or space? Then, glass enclosures are your best option. Here is everything you need to know about this latest trend. 
The Glass Enclosures Trend

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Glass enclosures are the latest trend in interior design and decoration.

They’re not only used to connect interior spaces with exterior patios or balconies. They can also connect two interior spaces. Glass enclosures add lots of value when it comes to spaciousness and light.

The use of glass enclosures gives an industrial air since this type of enclosure was typical of old factories.

They work well with any decorative style (industrial, rustic, Nordic and of course modern).

In today’s article, you’ll learn all about this trend.

What are glass enclosures?

Glass enclosures are an insulated glass units system that replaces part or all of a wall. They make eliminating walls possible. They are like large windows made of several glass panels connected by wood or iron.

This type of enclosure reminds us of old factories. Therefore, if you choose the iron border, the area will have an industrial feel.

Room division glass


However, if you choose the wooden or white border, you’ll create a Nordic or rustic feel. 

Advantages of glass enclosures

The advantage of glass enclosures outdoors is that they protect a space from bad weather. Indoors, there are even more advantages. Let’s look at them below.

  • Eliminates visual boundaries: When you replace a solid wall with a glass one, any visual barrier created by the wall is eliminated.
  • Makes the lighting better: because this is a “wall” of glass, light flows. It passes from one room to another without any barriers.
  • Spaciousness: the rooms appear larger due to the transparency of the glass.
  • Perfect for separating rooms: Glass enclosures are an effective way to separate rooms that you want to open up. For example, one can be placed between the dining room and the kitchen or the living room and the kitchen.

Types of glass enclosures

There are many different types of glass enclosures. They mainly differ in the quality of the glass. Obviously, if the enclosure is outside, the glass needs to be much stronger to withstand the weather.

However, we’re going to focus on those used inside the home.

Partial glass enclosures

This type of enclosure combines half a wall made of concrete or other material with a glass enclosure on top of it. It is perfect for dividing the kitchen or the living room.

With doors

The whole reason for glass enclosures is to separate rooms without losing light or space. So, they don’t usually have doors. 

However, some people choose to give them doors because it makes it easy to enter other rooms. This method separates and combines the rooms at the same time.

Glass enclosure with a door

The door can be any kind you want. Folding, sliding or just ordinary doors will work.

Glass enclosures with doors can be located anywhere. They don’t have to be used just in kitchens or dining rooms but can also feature in bedrooms and as a screen. 

Glass enclosures can also have windows. They work very well in kitchens when they are used to pass plates from the kitchen to the dining room.

With borders

Undoubtedly, glass enclosures with borders are more fashionable. They are those that are reminiscent of old factories if the outline is metallic.

The border can also be made of wood. If the wood looks aged, it gives the room a vintage or rustic look.

These glass enclosures form many panels that, depending on size, can be a bit tricky to clean. Even so, the result is worth it.

Glass enclosure with metal outline

Without borders

Another option is glass enclosures without borders. They don’t have a metallic or wooden structure that connects them or binds the corners.

With this type of enclosure, the look is more modern and sophisticated. 


Glass borders have become a popular trend. They provide a practical solution to separating rooms without losing light or spaciousness.  They can be installed anywhere in the house and even outdoors.

If you need a little more privacy though, you can install translucent glass for showers or bedrooms.

We recommend that you consult the professionals if you want to add a glass enclosure to your home. They can tell you what materials will work best for your project.

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