The Best Artwork for Decorating your Home

Decorate your home with beautiful pictures, paying attention to the different themes that will best suit the decor in each room.
The Best Artwork for Decorating your Home

Last update: 15 January, 2019

Art is a great resource that you can use in just about any room in your house. However, as a result, you might have a few doubts on which pieces of artwork will look best in each room.

Paintings are really eye-catching elements, helping to decorate the walls, creating feelings of well-being and a beautiful aesthetic quality that is often lacking in our homes.

The artwork you use to decorate your rooms will depend on the rooms themselves. You should study the decor in the rest of the room and choose artwork with styles and colors to match.

Living room artwork

When it comes to decorating with artwork, this is probably the most interesting room. However, you’ll need to think about the size and style of each picture, and choose ones that are appropriate for the space.

Firstly, you should try to find a sense of balance: don’t overfill the walls, and leave plenty of space between each one. This will help breathe fresh air into your room, and avoid creating tension.

Next, we’ll tell you about some of the best artistic styles for living rooms:

  • Above the fireplace: this is the perfect place to hang a painting. This could be a really large painting, with an ornate, eye-catching frame. We would recommend hanging landscapes, still life paintings or portraits.
  • Next to the table: in this case, we would recommend hanging medium-sized paintings rather than large ones. These could be landscapes or still-life paintings.
  • Other walls: Depending on the amount of available space, you do have a certain freedom to decorate almost any wall in your living room, as long as you don’t overfill them or create tension. We’d recommend neutral themes, such as landscapes, abstract art, avant-garde paintings…
You can decorate your living rooms with all sorts of different pieces of artwork.

Bedroom artwork

There’s no sense in overfilling your bedroom with artwork. In fact, we would recommend having only one or two pieces of art in each room, to let the colors and themes take center stage in your decor.

The main aim is to decorate your room. So, where is the best place in your bedroom to put up artwork?

  • On the walls: obviously, any wall is an ideal place to hang pictures. Putting up a pair of paintings with similar themes is a great way to create “dialogue” between them.
  • Above the headboard of your bed: this is the perfect place to decorate. A large painting will attract the eye and generate aesthetic harmony and symmetry. We recommend abstract and landscape artwork.

Colors in painting are as allurements for persuading the eyes.

Nicolas Poussin

Bathroom artwork

Bathrooms are also a great place to decorate with pictures. However, you’ll need to think carefully about the themes you want to include so that your pictures work well with the furniture and decor in your bathroom. Sometimes, one bathroom wall is left undecorated, and this is the perfect place to hang your pictures.

Remember, your artwork says a lot about your personality, and the pictures and paintings you choose will tell visitors a lot about how you want them to view you. Good styles and themes for bathroom artwork are:

  • Abstract paintings: an art style which pays attention to color rather than content.
  • Pop-art: with its modern character, this is a style that is well-suited to bathrooms. In fact, you can even find pop-art images featuring water, toilets, cleaning products…
  • Landscapes: this is a less common option, but it can still look great. We would recommend choosing pictures featuring water and nature to generate feelings of purity and tranquillity.

– You don’t talk about paintings, you look at them.

Auguste Renoir

You should choose artwork that reflects the decor in your room.

Hallway artwork

Hallways are a space in which you can play around with a range of different pieces of artwork. We would recommend that you stick to one particular theme to convert your hallway into a miniature art gallery.

Remember not to overfill your hallway, making sure to leave sufficient space between each picture and to install lighting to illuminate each one.

You can include a variety of different sizes, but we would recommend choosing medium-sized paintings, making sure that there is a good sense of proportion. There shouldn’t be a huge difference in size between each one.

Entrance hall artwork

Hanging a painting in your entrance hall will give guests the first taste of your decorative style, and serve as a clue to the decoration in the rest of your home.

You could hang the following types of paintings:

  • Portraits
  • Still life paintings
  • Landscapes
  • Abstract paintings
  • Nature paintings

Art is a great decorative resource. The artistic styles and themes in your paintings shouldn’t be chosen at random. You should study the decor carefully, and choose your artwork accordingly.

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