The 5 Best-Selling Types of Coat Racks

When you get home, it’s always nice to have a coat rack to hang your coat on. This is a perfect way to add order, practicality and comfort to your home.
The 5 Best-Selling Types of Coat Racks

Last update: 08 January, 2021

Several different accessories are available to decorate your hall or bedroom, which can be both functional and attractive. With this in mind, we’re going to show you the 5 best selling types of coat racks on the market.

There are always multiple options for decorating interiors. Depending on your taste, you’ll have a certain aesthetic that you prefer. In this way, you’re trying to show off your personality without taking away from the essence of the design as a whole.

In interior design, the variety of available designs is immense. Some are more modern, others more sophisticated, some are more simple and use refined forms, etc.

However, the most in-demand are the classics; that is, those you’ve seen all your life. For this reason, it’s worthwhile investigating the world of coat racks to learn about the most common types.

1. Classic stand-alone coat racks with hooks

One of the most common is the classic prototype; these are tall and slim, with legs to keep them steady and upward curving hooks that are simple and effective. They’re usually made of wood but you can also find metal or plastic versions.

We’re talking about a traditional aesthetic concept that can complement a classic and also a rustic style. They’re graceful and the wood tone is elegant. Also, they’re tall and sleek and therefore attract attention.

They fit very well in corners and secondary spaces and can blend cordially and pleasantly while also making use of the corner.

A way to decorate without taking up too much space.

coat rack with shelf

2. Coat racks with bench and shoe storage

If you want a fully functional type, these are a great option. They’re not often found in homes but are becoming more and more common. They’re useful in public spaces, such as in gym locker rooms. Let’s check out some of their characteristics:

  • They’re formed of a rectangular structure that allows clothes to be hung from the top. This can look great in dressing rooms.
  • They have space at the base for storing shoes. Also, they can include different separate shelves that can be used for other purposes.
  • They’re easy to handle and can be moved from one place to another in your house. They’re usually placed in the hall itself or the bedroom. As furniture, they’re really more functional than decorative.
  • Despite their size, they don’t take up much space and are generally quite subtle. These are one of the most interesting types of coat racks for homes.

3. Telescopic coat racks are in fashion

In this case, we’re talking about a completely innovative form of the stand-alone coat rack. They can be set up with different sections and allow you to organize your clothes more dynamically.

One thing to bear in mind – they take up quite a lot of space, both in length and height. They even sometimes attach to the ceiling so that they’re perfectly anchored and can’t move.

In the background, they make for a quite striking image. The clothes take on an unusual prominence, given that everything is visible. They look great i n the hall, and the bedroom too.

4. Wall-mounted racks for children’s rooms

Our children need order within the chaos. To keep them from leaving their coats wherever they want, it’s important to have wall hangers available, so that everything is well organized and in its place.

These racks are usually quite simple with metal or wooden hooks on an elongated board that is hung on the wall. You can also decorate them with colors and themes according to your taste. As a plus, you can set this up as a family activity that culminates in a nice decoration for the room. As for the design, you can choose from sophisticated and striking designs to others which are more basic and less aesthetically complicated.

5. All-in-one shelf and coat rack

This form is probably the most unusual. It consists of a flat, horizontal shelf with one or more sections for placing all kinds of decorative objects.

Right at the bottom, hooks are used to hang hats or clothes. These can be hidden or stick out to take on more prominence.

Coat racks are very interesting elements of a home. They’re a practical way to organize space. It’s always important to keep in mind that furniture that helps with organization is essential.

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