Solutions for The Most Poorly Decorated Areas of The Home

Do you know the most poorly decorated areas of most homes? Today, we'll tell you and how to solve these problems.
Solutions for The Most Poorly Decorated Areas of The Home

Last update: 24 June, 2020

No matter how much care and dedication you put into your house, there are bound to be problem areas. These are typically spaces that are overlooked and end up ruining your whole aesthetic. Believe it or not, most homes have the same poorly decorated areas. We’ll tell you what they are and how to solve the problems.

Checklist of most poorly decorated areas of the home

All homes have weak points, but we believe that, with some work, any home can be perfect. These are some areas that most people inadvertently neglect. We’ll tell you how to solve these issues easily because everything has a solution!

The coffee table

The coffee table is one of the most poorly decorated areas of the home.

If there is one central piece in your living room, it’s the coffee table! It doesn’t have this name in vain. However, as contradictory as it may seem, it’s often one of the most poorly decorated areas of a home. Many people forget about the coffee table or don’t know how to decorate it appropriately.

Solution – it all depends on what type of coffee table you have. If you have a coffee table that’s a conventional height, you should put flat objects on it. However, if it’s lower to the ground, you’ll need higher decorations.

If you have a square coffee table, consider using small objects, such as candles or little boxes in the corners. On the other hand, if your table is round, just put one thing in the center, such as a vase, a plant, or some other focal point made up of several small objects.

Lighting in the room

Lighting can serious affect a room's decoration.

It’s not easy to properly light a room. This is why we’ve included lighting on our list of poorly decorated areas of the home.

Many people think that basic recessed lights are enough. However, generally, this isn’t the solution. In addition to being boring, you need to be able to change the level of light in a room depending on what activity you’re doing.

The rule says that three of the four corners of a room should be illuminated. Ideally, you should have some ambient light and some general lights.

Solution – use different light sources. Consider ceiling lights, table lamps, and floor lamps. It’s also best if you opt for LED lightbulbs instead of conventional ones.

The wall behind the sofa – one of the most poorly decorated areas of a home

A beige sofa with a white wall behind it.

Often, we think that a nice sofa is enough. However, this is a big mistake. You need more than that! You want a wall that catches the eye.

Solution – even if you’re into minimalism, you should put something on the wall behind your sofa. Choose wallpaper, paint it a different color, or create an original background with paintings. There are plenty of options for creatively hanging pictures!

Don’t forget about the bathroom!

Bathroom objects laid out on a table.

This is one of the places we use the most. However, it’s also usually one of the most ignored. Time to put away all your creams, the extra rolls of toilet paper, and piles of towels!

Solution – a vase with flowers, a plant, a basket with handmade soaps, or a tray of towels are perfect options. Don’t you think these would give your bathroom a cozy touch? You can even hang a picture or photo to complete the look.

As for all your toiletries, put them together on a tray or in a nice organizer that matches the color of your towels.

Poorly decorated areas – nightstands

A hanging nightstand with small decorations.

Another one of the poorly decorated areas is in the bedroom – the nightstand. They also end up full of things, such as books, a glass of water, or your phone charger. However, don’t forget that this is a way to create an aesthetic in your bedroom. So you should pay more attention to this area!

Solution – think outside the box! There are so many original ideas for bedside tables. You can decorate them – don’t just dump things on them.

The TV stand

One of the most poorly decorated areas of the home is the TV stand.

There’s been a lot of talk about televisions recently. Regardless of whether or not we should watch as much TV as we do, it’s usually a centerpiece of the living room.

Solution: If you can, hang your TV on the wall. However, if you choose to place it on a piece of furniture, make sure to fully integrate the furniture into the space. The best idea is to tailor it to your living room. Don’t forget to put some other decorative elements on it as well, such as a lamp, some books, a plant, or candles.

Everything has a solution! Although these are some of the most poorly decorated areas of the home, it doesn’t mean that you can’t transform them into beautiful areas.

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