Silent Ceiling Fans: Now you Can Sleep!

We'll tell you all the details that you need to know when thinking about purchasing a new ceiling fan.
Silent Ceiling Fans: Now you Can Sleep!

Last update: 08 November, 2018

Ceiling fans are perfect for places where there isn’t much heat. The fan blades move the air and make the room cool in the warmer months of the year. In addition, if used together with the air conditioning, they cool the room much faster and allow us to save energy.

An important detail of this type of machine is that it shouldn’t be too noisy. Many people place them in their bedrooms and leave them running all night long. Therefore, it’s very important that you choose a fan that doesn’t make noise and allows you to sleep.

However, a good fan doesn’t just cool the room. It also decorates whatever room you put it in. Sometimes, you can even place accessories such as lamps, oil, and lights to make it look even more unique. These accents add to how decorative it is.

In today’s post, we’ll tell you all about silent ceiling fans and the details that you’ll have to take into account when choosing one for your home.

Features to consider before buying a ceiling fan

Before buying a ceiling fan, you have to take into account certain details that are going to suit your needs best. It’s clear that not all fans work in the same way depending on what type of material they’re made of. Some need more care than others.

Next, we’ll tell you the fundamental features that every ceiling fan must have.

bedroom ceiling fans


There are different types of motors, and these directly affect how much energy the fan uses and how well it runs. The most common is the fan with a DC motor, that is, direct current. It doesn´t get very hot and has a higher performance than others without making much noise. If you’re searching for a fan you’ll also come across an AC motor. These are also silent and their price is a little lower.

It’s important that we choose a fan with adjustable speed. Most ceiling fans work at different speeds. They usually have three or more settings. It will also be useful for you to have a remote control. This is especially helpful when you’re sitting or lying down and you want to change the speed or turn it on or off.


It’s very important that you properly measure the place where you’re going to put the fan to make sure the blades will fit. This is necessary for you to optimize how cool the room is going to be.

A smaller room will need a fan with smaller blades. A room with a high ceiling will require a fan that hangs a little lower than usual. The bigger the room, the more power the fan should have.

To work properly, the fan must be a minimum of one meter away from the wall, and it needs to be at least 2.6 meters above the ground. This is essential for the device to perform well and to make sure that everybody is safe.


As for the material of the blades, they’re usually made of wood, plastic, or metal.  Wooden blades are the most popular since they look good in any type of space. However, if wooden fans are located in places where there’s a lot of heat or humidity they can become damaged.

The plastic blades last longer, but depending on what the rest of the room looks like, they may not look good with the decor. Metal blades are the most resistant, easy to maintain, and clean. This makes them the most durable of the three options.

fan in kitchen

Before buying your fan you should look into the finish. This is another detail to take into account. The most elegant fans usually have a chrome finish or they have silver or bronze details.


This is another element that will be a part of the decision making process. You can find ceiling fans with or without lights on the market.

A ceiling fan with lights is an added advantage. You’ll save money since you won’t need a lamp. You also won’t overload the environment with too much clutter. In this way, the fan does two jobs at once.

Decorative style

Ceiling fans become a decorative element of the house. You can find many models and a lot of different styles. Because of this, you can choose the style that best fits with your home’s style. There are classic, rustic, modern, vintage, industrial, and fans for children.

Fans made out of wood go great in living rooms. If you want to place a fan in the kitchen, our recommendation is to install one with plastic or metal blades. Some fans even include reversible blades and have a different color on each side.

You should keep in mind that choosing a fan is very important because they last for such a long time. In addition to having a clear purpose, they serve as a decorative part of the house.

Best silent fans

Westinghouse Vegas

This model is one of the most economical options that you can find on the market. It also has the features that we have mentioned. Its price ranges between 60 and 65 euros.

westinghouse vegas

Fan in white /

This fan has a diameter of 105 centimeters, an aluminum finish and an integrated light. It has 60 watts of power and a chain to control it, although you can also use a remote control. Without a doubt, this is a very good option for living rooms and dining rooms. 

Orbegozo CP 50120 Fan

The Orbegozo model has three speeds. It has six blades which allow for greater power and intensity.

orbegozo fan

fan /

This model is a little more expensive than the previous once since its price is around 100 euros. However, it is one of the most efficient and powerful fans on the market. It’s extremely silent and you can control it by using a remote. It also includes light and uses very little power. It’s a great choice for bedrooms.

Westinghouse 7878840 Flora Royale

This model is made of steel and uses 60 watts. It has six blades and it includes a light. In addition, you can use it in the winter and summer. It costs around 75 and 80 euros.

wood fan

Wood fan /

Do you dare to add any of these to your home? Without a doubt, a fan is one of the best ways to make your house fresh and airy

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