Setting Up a Romantic Dinner

Surprise your special someone with a romantic dinner where the decor creates a relaxed, quiet ambiance. It'll be a special moment that creates a lifetime of memories.
Setting Up a Romantic Dinner

Last update: 15 November, 2019

Life holds special moments that we should treasure forever in our memories– especially if they’re moments with a special someone. Make sure to attend to all the details in every celebration that you have together. Today, check out how to set up a romantic dinner.

Sometimes, you might find yourself preparing a special dinner for the person you love. Setting up a romantic dinner doesn’t just mean preparing a good menu; it also means taking care of all the decorative details as well.

Your main objective should be converting a moment into an unforgettable memory. And that’s not easy. But if you succeed, your partner will love it and you can express how much you appreciate them.

Intimate moments deepen romantic relationships

romantic dinner intimate

Not surprisingly, the opportunity to spend a quiet, intimate moment with your romantic partner makes you feel better in addition to strengthening your bond and overall quality of life. Break away from the everyday routine and step out of reality for a night.

When you put the effort into setting up a romantic dinner, you can strengthen your bond with your partner and your good intentions won’t go unnoticed. But don’t forget that for a successful dinner, you need to start with the right resources.

— Improve your romantic life by creating intimate moments and surprises.–

Choose the right spot for a romantic dinner

romantic dinner spot

You just might have a nice spot right at home to pull off your romantic dinner. Choose the one that seems best and most comfortable:

  • Nice and spacious, your living room can be a great spot. Living rooms also tend to have better decor than the other rooms in a home.
  • A dining room is another great option as long as your table is proportional. Dining room tables are usually larger, so make sure that it doesn’t keep you two too separated.
  • A deck can also be a great spot, especially during summer. A romantic deck dinner can break through the mundane routine and allow you to dine outdoors when you normally eat indoors. But make sure that you have enough room on your deck.

Only the most elegant tablecloth

romantic dinner table set up

If you want to surprise your romantic partner, you have to start from the basics and choose the right tableclothThink about what kind of tableware you plan on using before you choose your tablecloth.

  • If you want your tablecloth to subtly sit under your tableware as a neutral backdrop, try dark colors: marine blue, black, pomegranate red, etc.
  • White is a classic color in the world of decor. It can be a great option but if you want to surprise your partner, try a different, more exciting color instead.
  • Gold and silver plates might be too shiny. But if you want to add a glamorous feel to your dinner, don’t hesitate to use them.
  • Or, use red to evoke passion.


romantic dinner dishware

Choosing the right kind of tableware is crucial. Just as we mentioned earlier in our post, make sure to match your tablecloth with your tableware. By choosing harmonious pieces, you can successfully set up a perfectly romantic setting.

  • Use white plates for dark tablecloths. If you use black plates with a dark tablecloth, the lack of contrast can make it different to differentiate the plate from below. But if you have a light tablecloth, feel free to use dark plates.
  • Set out the right silverware for each course.  In addition, avoid any decor clashes by using all silver pieces.
  • As for the glasses, set up at least three glasses in each place – one for water, another for wine and the last for champagne. These details really matter and you should use a different glass for each drink you serve.

Other resources

romantic dinner other

To tie up the last details, set up the smaller decor accessories to create a  romantic atmosphere:

  • Flowers or flower petals on the table.
  • A small table centerpiece to anchor the decor.
  • Music that sets the right mood.
  • Soft, warm lighting that keeps the space relaxed.
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