Removing Footprints and Stains from Your Floors

Shoes can leave footprints on your floors. But you can remove them with certain cleaning products.
Removing Footprints and Stains from Your Floors

Last update: 03 February, 2020

By simply glancing at your floors every day you can see the continual build-up of dirt and grime that shoes bring in from outside. Give your floors proper care – removing dirty footprints and stains will help keep them in good condition.

Shoe soles make direct contact with mud, water, and other dirt, which can all end up in your home.

But regardless of if you have parquet, stone or tile floors, preventing dirt and trying to keep your floors in good condition is worth the effort. If you see any stains or dirt, act fast before they dry and become harder to remove.

Removing footprints from parquet floors

footprints parquet floors

Wood is a fragile, high maintenance material. You can’t clean wood floors with just any product. Certain products, such as bleach, can disinfect with no problem but they destroy the material.

The first thing is to look for wood-friendly products. You can find them at any supermarket. By using these, you can leave your floors clean and shiny without harming them.

Wood is a porous material that can absorb dirt and grime, especially if it’s wet. So detecting stains as soon as possible and wiping them away with a mop or rag is essential. Make sure to clean your wooden floors without scratching or wearing them out.

— Wood requires maintenance and check-ups. —

4 ways to remove footprints or stains from floors

footprints tips

Just as we previously mentioned, the stains you leave can end up drying on your floors. Big problems result from leaving them there for a long time. Let’s take a look at some ways to remove footprints or stains:

  • Footprints are often a result of rainy or muddy streets. The best way to remove them is by resorting to the traditional method – use water and a cleaning product that’s suitable for your floors.
  • If you have tile floors, removing stains isn’t too tricky because tiles are smooth and hard. They aren’t porous which means you can remove stains directly with bleach.
  • Here’s a familiar situation – sticky floors that seem to make footprints more noticeable. Use warm water to treat the stains. Then, use a special floor product.
  • If you’re dealing with an old stain that’s oxidized, use a white vinegar and water solution. The solution works well for wood and tiles.

Tough stains

footprints tough stains

But what if you stepped in paint, tar or another stubborn product that sticks to your floors? They’re anything but easy to remove.

We recommend first trying a water and soap solution to remove the superficial stains. Next, try applying a special cleaning product such as a solvent.

You don’t have to scrub and scratch away your floors. Instead, try to give your floors a gentle clean. In any case, you might not be able to remove it completely and might have to resort to replacing a section of your floor.

Prevention is the best solution

footprints prevention

Try removing your shoes at home. Keep a shoe rack in your entrance so that anyone who comes in can take off their shoes as they enter. By keeping your shoes at the door, you can reduce the mess they bring inside.

Using slippers or simply socks to walk around the home can help keep it clean and healthy– especially if you have wooden floors.

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