Painting the Ceiling - Another Way to Add Color

Painting the ceiling of your room can make it stand out more. In this article, we'll discuss what colors to use and the best combinations for the ceiling and walls.
Painting the Ceiling - Another Way to Add Color

Last update: 24 May, 2020

Color doesn’t have to be limited to the walls and furniture. There are other ways to liven up and breathe life into a room, such as painting your ceiling.

The chromatic contribution that you make to your house is crucial. Decorative objects need to complement the colors in the room. Therefore, the color of the walls shouldn’t be the only aspect you focus on.

Generally, we focus on the floor and walls, but what about the ceiling? It usually remains in the background and isn’t valued as much as it deserves to be. However, you could miss out on a breathtaking decorative element if you avoid combining the ceiling into your interior design plans.

Painting the ceiling – using the color white

Ceilings are usually painted white.

More than likely, the ceilings in your rooms are white. This doesn’t mean the walls are white too, but we tend to choose white a lot. White combines well with everything. However, it doesn’t make the ceiling stand out.

As a result, we focus our attention more on the decorative objects that match the color of the walls. If there is a hanging lamp, white won’t produce a contrasting effect or an aesthetic confrontation.

On the other hand, it generates a feeling of openness and greater amplitude. If you paint the walls of the room with a dark color, it will make the room feel smaller.

White is also used to make plasterwork and plaster ceilings.

The best combinations between the ceiling and walls

Create striking color combinations for the ceiling and walls.

In the world of interior design, there must be concordance, harmony, and a combination of decorative resources. Therefore, you must have a great color combination for the ceiling and walls.

  • We’ve already mentioned that white ceilings are perfect when properly combining them with the walls. This way, you don’t risk the harmony of the room.
  • Another possibility is to invert the colors, so that the walls are white and the ceiling is painted a dark color. The purpose of this process is to contrast and produce an inverted effect that is very attractive.
  • Earthy colors look great as long as the darkest is on the ceiling. This contrasts the walls and ceiling and maintains the same color harmony throughout the decorative set.
  • If you like the color gray, we suggest you paint the ceiling in this color. It neutralizes the decorations better and sets an indifferent mood. Also, it highlights the hue on the walls.
  • Avoid using bright colors in general – it gives the room a cluttered and overdecorated look.

Horizontal stripes – a beachy and alternative touch

Ceilings with stripes are perfect for creating a beach atmosphere.

You may be hard-pressed to find painted stripes on a roof, but it may be a good idea if you have a beach apartment.

Ideally, the colors shouldn’t be too loud or too dark. For example, black isn’t a good color to use. It can distort the decor.

If the background is white, the color of the stripes may be varied; everything depends on the chromaticity that dominates the environment. For bright areas, pale yellow, beige, or sky blue work well in your children’s room.

The ceiling is like a canvas with so many possibilities.

What are the most fashionable colors for the ceiling?

A man paints his ceiling.

Some pastel colors are trendy when applied to the ceiling. Others, like light turquoise, have established themselves within fashion. This is why it’s important to paint your ceiling and add some color to your room.

Dark blue is also a trending color. It creates a solid, elegant, and serious environment. On the other hand, the demand for pastel pink has increased with the chic style.

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