Original Laptop Supports

If using your laptop for several hours leaves you with aches and pains, try using one of these laptop stands!
Original Laptop Supports

Last update: 18 August, 2019

Taking good care of your laptop is key for extending its life. In addition, you should also make sure that it has a good ventilation system that’s free from obstruction. To help your laptop stay well-ventilated, we’ve gathered some original laptop supports to show you in our post today.

Aside from helping your laptop’s fan last longer, these supports will also help you keep a much more natural posture, which will benefit your back.

BRÄDA laptop support

You can find the Bräda stand at IkeaThe surface is inclined, which keeps your laptop screen at the level of your eyes when you’re using it.

In addition, the lower part features a rubber belt that keeps the laptop firmly in place. And it’s quite a deal at only 5 euros. Though it’s extremely economical, it can withstand impact very well.

The best thing is that Ikea offers two colors: black and pink. Both versions have the same pattern of circles in varied sizes.

laptop stands ikea

The black support is simpler and more discrete while the pink stand is brighter and more original. You can use it to add a burst of color to your office, bedroom, etc.

When you want to clean the laptop support, Ikea recommends just using a damp rag with a gentle soap. After, simply wipe dry.

Additionally, this product is recyclable or can go to energy recovery as long as you live in an area with these facilities.

BYLLAN laptop support

The second laptop support on our list is a new product on Ikea’s webpage. It costs 14.99 euros and works for laptops up to 17 inches big.

This support includes a case that’s easy to put on and remove for washing. The great thing is that it’s machine washable. Wash it with similar-colored articles in 40ºC water or cooler. Don’t use bleach to wash it, especially if you want to wash it in the washing machine. You can iron it at temperatures up to 150ºC.

Additionally, it has a form-fitting base. But what’s that good for? It allows you to keep your laptop completely stable on your lap or whatever surface you decide to work on: desk, table, etc.

SVEON laptop support

You can find the SVEON laptop support at the Spanish department store El Corte Ingles. This support is an especially attractive offer because it cools down, which will help your laptop function better. It supports laptops up to 17.3 inches big.

The design features 5 angle settings and 4 low-noise fans. In addition, it has red LED lights, which give it a nice design.

laptop support el corte ingles

It costs 19.99 euros. Aside from SVEON, El Corte Ingles also offers TRUST that features a cooling system as well: it has a big fan illuminated in red lights that plugs into a USB port. It costs 26.99 euros.

Pritech laptop support

Check out this original support and if you like it you can order in it on Amazon. As you’ll see on the website, the structure looks great in natural decor settings.

The support consists of a bamboo table with an adjustable height. It also features legs that allow you to use it on your bed as well. In the back right corner, the design includes a spot for a cup or glass. It also includes a small, practical drawer to hold flash drives and other accessories.

It’s natural, sustainable, resistant and easy to clean. On top of all that, it’s foldable, which means that it won’t take up any space with you’re not using it.

You might have noticed that it has a hollow space as well: that space helps your laptop ventilate better. Currently, it costs 20.99 euros but the price might change even more from its original 24.95 euros.

As of now, the Pritech support is the top-selling laptop support. Browse Amazon and you’ll find other models that are partially designed off of this one. You’ll find a white model, which would be perfect if you like all-white interiors.

We hope you enjoyed these original laptop supports. Aside from having cool designs, they’re very practical. In addition, they’re affordable and extending your laptop’s life will be an additional economic bonus.

Thanks to a laptop support, you’ll be more comfortable when working for hours on your computer. But of course, take small breaks every so often and try to keep your neck aligned with your spine. In addition, change positions frequently.

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