New Storage Options From IKEA

These IKEA storage options and novelties are beautiful, aesthetic, elegant, and useful. Choose the ones that best suit your home!
New Storage Options From IKEA

Last update: 29 September, 2022

If you’re looking for innovative, beautiful, and natural storage options, you’re in the right place! Today, we’ll explain all the current IKEA storage options, with ideas, and inspiration for your home.

We already know how much you love this store, so we’ll make shopping even easier by telling you about our favorites. Not only will these IKEA storage options serve to keep your belongings organized, but they’ll contribute to your home in a beautiful way. 

Check out our list of boxes, baskets, and other objects that you can use to organize anything. Your home will thank you for it!

The new IKEA storage options

These storage options from IKEA include some beautiful and simple items. They’re incredibly functional too and will fit perfectly into any decorative style, particularly natural and minimalist.

1. Kralig Basket

Krallig basket from IKEA. Image:
Krallig basket from IKEA. Image:

The Krallig basket is the first of the IKEA storage options that we want to introduce you to. It comes in different colors and styles with a similar model.

It’s a beautiful and practical piece, you can use it with its handles completely unfolded or you can fold it inwards to make it smaller. It has enough space to store items such as toys and bedding, depending on your needs.

You can choose between navy blue, natural and another that’s half white. Choose the one you like the most!

2. Bekna Basket: IKEA storage

The IKEA Bekna basket is made of rattan, which is another beautiful and traditional natural material. You’ll find a storage solution that’s easy to transport and because of its thick handles, you can use it to carry things such as sheets, clothes, and blankets from one place to another.

You can also use it to store different items such as towels or toilet paper in the bathroom because the material is quite resistant. Moreover, it looks great in outdoor areas too!

3. Uppdatera Basket


The third storage option IKEA brings is the Uppdatera basket, which comes in two different sizes. The sizing options mean that you can buy both or choose the one that best suits your space.

It’s shaped like a box and is made of bamboo, a durable and natural raw material, so you can use it anywhere in the home. However, it’ll have exemplary performance in the bathroom, since bamboo isn’t affected by humidity.

4. Labbsal basket

IKEA presents its Labbsal basket, a highly decorative storage solution made from water hyacinth, a beautiful natural raw material. Its finish is a kind of braid that looks great in any space.

It’s a square basket with free space at the top to store your things, ideal for filing documents, books, or toys. In turn, this basket will fit well in modular furniture.

5. IKEA storage: Lekman Drawer

Another new storage option presented by IKEA is the Lekman drawer. This comes in turquoise grey, adding vitality to your spaces.

This drawer has felt protectors at the bottom to protect your surfaces from common scratches. You can rest easy on that part. Regarding the design, it’s a somewhat commonly shaped box with nine square holes on the front that break with the traditional.

6. Dröna box

The Dröna box has eight different motifs, including one of kittens.
The Dröna box has eight different motifs, including a kitten pattern. Image:

The IKEA Dröna box is made of fabric, and it’s a brand classic that you can’t miss when it comes to storage. It goes perfectly on modular shelves or cabinets, giving an incredibly decorative touch.

It’s made of recycled polyester fabric, ideal for a home where sustainability is key. You’ll find eight different designs that include vibrant, neutral colors and kitten designs, among others.

Which of these IKEA storage options will you choose?

As you can see, the new storage options from IKEA are attractive and useful. In addition to adding color, style, and design to any space, you can use them to organize your home and make it look beautiful at the same time.

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