The Ultimate Guide For Organizing Kids' Toys

Sorting your children's toys can be a nightmare. Relax! We have some tips to make it easier.
The Ultimate Guide For Organizing Kids' Toys

Last update: 12 January, 2021

One of the most time-consuming and frustrating tasks is organizing kids’ toys. There seems to be no way to keep everything in its place! Not to mention that it’s hard to get kids to cooperate and help clean up so their bedrooms don’t look like a war zone.

All of this might make you want to throw in the towel and just accept there is no way to organize your children’s bedrooms. But don’t give up because there are certain things you can take into account when you’re starting the process. With these tips, you’ll see that anything is possible!

Ways to organize kids’ toys

Organizing kids' toys prevents a big mess.

Either because you don’t have much space, the right furniture, or because your kids don’t help out, a child’s bedroom can be a black hole in many homes. This is an area where nothing stays tidy.

However, studies show that order and cleanliness influence emotional well-being by promoting calm and relaxation. As a result, we recommend you encourage this habit in children.

It’s important to learn to make the most of every corner and to maintain basic discipline so that your children are also accountable and help out with household chores.

Kids’ toys are usually scattered throughout the house or end up in boxes with no organization. Want to end this cycle? With these tips, you can put away your kids’ toys in a practical way and save space!

Before organizing kids’ toys, get rid of things

Before starting to organize, take an inventory of everything and get rid of anything that’s broken. Then, you can also give away toys that aren’t useful or that your kids have outgrown but are still in good condition.

By donating old toys, you’ll save space and your children will learn to share and repurpose old items. You don’t want your kids to grow up thinking that everything is disposable, right?

Create a specific place for toys

One way to help with organizing kids' toys is by creating a special place.

Once you’ve figured out what’s going to stay and what is going to be donated, it’s time to choose a specific place for toys so they don’t end up all over the house.

Creating a place to store toys will help make the task of organizing much easier. Your children will also know where to put their things when they’re done playing. That way, you avoid their bedrooms becoming a huge mess.

It’s also important that you get furniture adapted for their height and abilities that looks great and gives them some independence. For example, you can try using a small shelf with boxes.

The best furniture and accessories

There are some really useful storage accessories for organizing toys. For example, you can classify toys by color, size, or frequency of use and store them in transparent boxes. One option is SAMLA from IKEA so you can pick out the height and depth that is best suited to the toys.

The advantage of transparent boxes is that your little ones will be able to see everything inside without having to open them and take everything out. In fact, it’s easier for them to access their favorite toys.

Share the importance of organizing with your kids

Shelves in a child's room.

Once you clean out all toys they don’t use, organize all of them, and dedicate an area of the house for them – it’s time to try and keep them like that. How? Convey to your children the importance of organization. That way, they can help and they’ll understand why it’s important to keep things organized and clean.

First, you should lead by example because children learn by seeing rather than listening. It’s up to you to be a little more organized and pick up after yourself right away.

You’ll see with a little patience and the right accessories and furniture, you can keep your kids’ toys organized. They’ll also stay that way longer!

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