Accessories for a Child's Room

Looking to decorate your child's bedroom? We'll give you some tips for finding the perfect accessories for a child's room!
Accessories for a Child's Room

Last update: 04 June, 2020

If you choose the perfect accessories for a child’s room, it will become your kid’s best place to be!

Accessories play an important role when decorating any room in the house. However, in children’s rooms, accessories are the key element that will make this your child’s favorite space in the house.  Below, we’ll give you lots of ideas for the perfect accessories for a child’s room that will delight your little ones!

Essential accessories for a child’s room

1. Cushions

Cushions can be great accessories for a child's room.

Cushions are popular decorative accessories because they add style to any space you put them in. Also, cushions aren’t very expensive so you can change them from time to time. This can give your room a new look with just a simple switch.

A great choice for a child’s room is shaped cushions. Not only are they decorative, but kids can also play with them. Some common shapes are animals or weather-related shapes, such as clouds, the sun, the moon, or the stars.

2. Fluorescent ceiling stickers

Fluorescent stickers in a child's bedroom.

One of the best accessories for a child’s room is fluorescent stickers. These are especially good for children who are afraid of the dark.

However, these stickers don’t damage the walls or ceiling. You can also always remove them and put them somewhere else if you want. The most common shape is a star. With these, at night, the room will light up with stars. This can help children feel more comfortable while enjoying their own starry sky.

3. Coat rack

A child's coat rack.

In a child’s room, having places to hang stuff is key. For example, your child will need places to hang coats and their backpack.

There are plenty of options for coat racks for children’s rooms. You’ll probably have a hard time choosing the perfect one!

Many of them have animal themes or are decorated with dolls. These can add some color and fun to the walls as well.

4. Hanging storage

Hanging storage lets your display several accessories for a child's room.

In addition to typical shelves, one of the best options to decorate children’s rooms is to use hanging shelves with unique and fun shapes.

You can use these shelves to store toys, some clothes, or hair accessories.  Also, a lot of these shelves for children are related to animals and offer a fun storage solution.

5. A bean bag

A flamingo bean bag.

A bean bag is a great accessory to decorate a child’s room. It’s also fun for the little ones! For example, y ou can choose a bean bag in a color that fits in with the rest of the decor.

We guarantee that this will be one of your child’s most-loved accessories. They can take it to different rooms in the house with them and use to comfortably sit or lay down.

More accessories for a child’s room

6. Tents

Tents are great accessories for a child's room.

Although this isn’t one of the most important accessories for decorating a child’s room, a tent can be a fun space for your child. It can add a great element of decor if you consider the pattern and shape carefully.

Today, although you can still get more traditional tents, teepees have become a popular option for kids’ rooms.

In school, your child will learn about how teepees were made by Native American tribes with wooden sticks and animal pelts. So a teepee can be a great space for your kid to play games, while still being a creative style element.

7. Wall accessories for a child’s room

Fun wall accessories for a child's room can add pops of color.

Also, when decorating, you need to consider decorations for the walls. There are so many possibilities! You can go for a fun wallpaper, which is generally inexpensive and easier to hang. Another option could be a decorative vinyl that can help make the room more welcoming and cheerful.