How to Decorate a Shared Bedroom for Children

How would you like some tips to decorate a shared bedroom? Your little ones will love it. Take our word for it!
How to Decorate a Shared Bedroom for Children

Last update: 15 July, 2020

Many people have had to share a bedroom with their sibling at some point throughout their lives. But perhaps you’d like some tips on how to decorate a shared bedroom so that you can make the most of a single room. Give your little ones a corner where they’ll love hanging out.

When you start dividing spaces it can be for several reasons. Either you have to assign different areas to each sibling because each needs their own space, or you can divide the bedroom into areas with different purposes: a study area, another one for games, and one for downtime. Today we’re going to give you some ideas on how to decorate shared bedrooms.

A shared bedroom for several children

A dorm for children.

When we talk about sharing a room among siblings, it’s not always easy. The ages, tastes, and habits of each one can collide with those of the other.

That’s why it’s important to define the space of each as best as you can. Also, try, as far as possible, to let them express their own personality.

You can paint each wall in one color, use posters of their favorite characters, and make their beds in the tones they like best. It’s about creating the feeling that they own this space and that they see themselves reflected in it.

Divide and conquer – how to decorate a shared bedroom

A shared nursery.

One idea to create separate environments in a children’s room is to have an item that carries out its decorative function, has storage, and that also delimits the spaces. This is a very practical and functional solution as “you’ll kill two birds with one stone.”

If the bedroom is very small and there’s no room for a piece of furniture, you can use fabric as a separator. It can remain open during the day and be closed at night.

If you have enough space, the best solution would be to place sliding doors along the length of the bedroom. They have the same function as the curtains, but provide much more privacy and completely change the aesthetics of an environment. This is the most expensive option, but there are also plenty of variations and you can adjust them to suit your budget.

A little organizing when decorating a shared bedroom

A woman with two children.

We always talk about the importance of organizing, and even more so when there are several people who are going to share the same space. When it comes to children, a little effort goes a long way when it comes to organizing.

We advise you to get the best organizing accessories, such as cabinets, boxes with wheels, baskets, colored containers for toysanything that can help with this task.

Good organization also  makes things easier for children when it comes to helping with household chores. We’ll give you some ideas that’ll help children keep their bedrooms organized.

Decorating multipurpose shared rooms

It’s a good idea to divide the room in order to clearly divide the study area from the play area. You should do this regardless of the children who’ll be sharing it.

Study area

A shared bedroom with an area for doing homework.

This article will tell you everything a study area should have. It should promote concentration and creativity in kids. Basically, you need to create a calm environment for them. It should have no distractions but should encourage their desire to learn while making them feel comfortable.

Depending on the ages, you can add some beanbags. This is so that not everything is focused on the desk. Speaking of divisions, a whiteboard would be useful. It’s a great item for making notes, doing calculations, and even practicing drawing skills.


A play room.

Here comes the fun part! You should give your kids enough space to let them free their imagination. However, you must also provide them with the tools they need to keep everything organized. Check out these ideas to keep toys tidy.

We suggest you put a carpet with fun motifs in the area where the kids will play. There should also be containers, trunks, and boxes so they can easily store everything afterward.

As you can see, decorating shared bedrooms is not that complicated if you take into account your children’s’ tastes. Just keep some basic organizing rules in mind. Also, note that privacy is very important too.

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