The Definitive Guide to Thoroughly Cleaning Your Bathroom

Ready for a cleaner bathroom and a calmer you? Let's get started! You'll soon see satisfaction from a job well done.
The Definitive Guide to Thoroughly Cleaning Your Bathroom

Last update: 01 February, 2022

You spend a good amount of time cleaning your home, but there are areas that demand even more attention. Therefore, don’t miss this step-by-step guide to cleaning your bathroom. With our tips and tricks, your bathroom will sparkle and be free from germs and bacteria. Let’s get cleaning!

Cleaning your bathroom: starting with your towels

Bath towel colors.

Did you know that humidity is a breeding ground for bacteria? One of the most common is E.coli, which is present in fecal matter and causes infections.

Towels are usually wet and with the heat from the bathroom, you may inadvertently create an amusement park for bacteria to thrive in. It’s good practice to use towels between three and five times in a row before washing them and don’t store them all together on the towel rack.

They must also be washed with anti-bacterial detergents and at a high temperature to guarantee that they’re free from bacteria residue.

The WC: the king of your bathroom

Pour more water into the toilet.

Believe it or not, the toilet is one of the cleanest places in your bathroom. Why? Well, because, knowing that it attracts microorganisms, you generally make more of a subconscious effort to leave it impeccably clean.

Although there’s one place that accumulates bacteria that you probably don’t pay as much attention to and it’s the flush button. The advice is to clean it every day and lower the lid before flushing because this will prevent fecal bacteria from spreading into the air.

The mat: often forgotten when it comes to cleaning your bathroom

Wall-hung toilets are practical for cleaning.

Admit it! It’s usually one of those things that you forget to clean–at least as often as you should. Keep in mind that the bathroom mat is on the floor and it tends to be constantly damp. As a result, this is the favorite breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

It’s good practice to change it as often as you change your towels. It’s also recommendable to shake it well before you put it in the washing machine and use a specific cleaning product or even vinegar. The latter is a natural product that works best when it comes to disinfecting.

Cleaning your shower and bathtub

How to clean your bathroom

The bathtub and the shower are a source of dirt and it’s ideal to give them a quick clean after each use, so they don’t accumulate dirt and limescale.

Also, once a week, remove everything from the tub and the shower and use an antibacterial and anti-mold cleaning product for the most difficult areas. Don’t forget to pay special attention to the edges and faucets. 

For the most stubborn limescale stains, apply the product and let it act for a few minutes, then rub with a non-scratch sponge. One trick for lime is to mix white vinegar with water, this works very well to remove embedded limescale.

And one last thing when talking about the shower, don’t forget the showerhead. Stagnant droplets in the sprinkler can support the population of bacteria such as Legionella. Every two months leave it submerged in white vinegar and it’ll be impeccably clean.

When cleaning your bathroom, don’t forget the sink

clean the bathroom with gloves

Another one of the dirtiest places in the bathroom is the sink. Clean it thoroughly on a weekly basis and rinse it after each use. To clean the drain, pour a mixture of two measures of boiling water, one of baking soda and one of white vinegar.

Beware of children’s toys

How to clean plastic toys

To clean your bathroom conscientiously, don’t forget about all the accessories that also share this space. This includes children’s toys.

They’re usually made of plastic and when they’re wet, mold can settle on them. Put them in a bag with holes to drain them after each use and once a week, put them in the dishwasher so that all bacteria and germs are removed.

Now your bathroom is cleaner and you’re calmer! Just remember to keep it that way.