Make Custom Furniture Your Best Ally

We love the power that custom furniture has, especially when it comes to awkward spaces and gaps or in areas where you need more storage. Discover how custom furniture can help you.
Make Custom Furniture Your Best Ally

Last update: 24 June, 2023

Custom furniture is your best ally. This will help you make better use of your available space, perfectly organize all your things, and, incidentally, give you a personal touch too.

Don’t overcomplicate it! Sometimes ordering a custom piece of furniture can be a simpler solution than looking for one that fits your unique needs. Moreover, you’ll get the exact decorative style you want too. As if that weren’t enough, you can also design it yourself. Ready to learn more?

Reasons to love custom furniture

Different heights of the attics.

There are plenty of reasons to love custom furniture! Having something made especially for you allows for complete customization and is capable of adapting to spaces, so you can take advantage of every centimeter.

All this without giving up the style and needs of each room. Just think, if you make an office in the kitchen, you can take advantage of having a unit on the wall filled with shelves. You can put your ornaments here, or your folders, files, glass jars, or even your favorite recipe books.

Why you might need custom furniture

Custom furniture can work anywhere, but it’s especially useful in somewhat awkward spaces, such as rooms with unusual shapes. It’s also great for taking advantage of the space or if you have, a recess or nook in the wall. A custom piece of furniture is a perfect solution and, despite the investment, it’ll last you for a long time.

Timeless and proportional

We recommend that you make your furniture as timeless and subtle as possible so that you don’t get bored with it. Keep in mind that trends change, but your furniture will accompany you throughout your life.

Equally, make sure that your piece of furniture is in proportion with your space. Moreover, where possible, it should have straight lines, because this is more adaptable and is likely to fit most decor styles. As for your decor, if you custom build some shelves or a bookcase, avoid abusing small objects, because they can create visual clutter.

Where can you put custom furniture?

In general, the space under the windows is usually used poorly. Many homes have a radiator there. If this is your situation, consider covering it and using it as a shelf or as a pocket-empty piece of furniture.

Now, if you don’t have a radiator and you have a little more space, place a custom piece of furniture from wall to wall and create a storage solution. You can incorporate doors to hide your storage and solve a messy problem. Make sure your furniture is the same color as the walls and that it has hidden handles to integrate it.

Under the stairs.

Great solutions for mini bedrooms

You don’t have to give up on anything if your bedroom is small. A custom piece of furniture can be the solution to give all the utility to one of your walls.

Make a custom headboard with open shelves and box in your bed. On the sides, you can put bedside tables or a bookcase on one side. If you plan it well, you may even be able to include a desk for you to work remotely. This must be at least 65 centimeters in length for you to be comfortable.

Bathrooms love custom baths

Most of us have to get by with one small bathroom for the whole family. In general, ready-made furniture designed for under sinks isn’t as capable as it could be. This is where a custom-made piece can make your life easier.

You can incorporate as many drawers as you want, and decide if you prefer doors or open shelves. You may even be able to add an extra sink.  If you have a column or an empty wall, you can use this to obtain more storage space. But just remember, the bathroom isn’t the only room that’ll appreciate this solution.

Use custom furniture to create visual continuity in open spaces

If you have an open dining room, why not install a wall-to-wall cabinet? It doesn’t have to be tall and you can use it to put the television on.  You could also make a higher unit in the dining room to serve as a sideboard and keep your tableware items in it.

Custom furniture is a great solution to daily complications. It’s true that it’ll be more expensive than ready-made furniture, but you’ll benefit in the long run. Did you know that IKEA makes custom-built furniture?

There are professionals capable of offering you projects that you can’t even begin to imagine. You’ll soon see how your home can become even more beautiful and functional than ever before.

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