Learn the Best Way to Eliminate Dust

It's easy to get rid of dust with these hints and tips.
Learn the Best Way to Eliminate Dust

Last update: 31 May, 2020

How to eliminate dust permanently is easy. Follow these hints and start to enjoy a clean and shiny house.

You’ve probably seen how dust comes back in a few days. We indeed produce dust in different areas, but there are better techniques to keep it away. So, we’re going to show you the best ways to make dust disappear. 

Of course, we shouldn’t forget to clean our homes daily. Doing this can help to control the dirt that accumulates. Dust can generate health problems and hinder daily wellbeing.

So we can evaluate how to follow a cleaning routine with techniques that improve how our home looks. But, how can we make dust disappear immediately? Even more, what can we do to clean efficiently?

A clean house is synonymous with comfort

a mop cleaning a very dusty floor

There’s nothing better than to come home to a house and have organized rooms. This means that they are clean, in harmony with the environment, and they breathe peace and tranquility. Maintaining a cleaning routine is more than fundamental for comfort.

Keeping the house dust-free is one of the headaches of every family. These days, many people live in cities. And their houses get dirty to a greater degree. More than anything, it’s because of the contamination and the heat that accumulates.

We must ask ourselves about using techniques that are efficient for cleaning. It’s useless to eliminate dust today and have it reappear in two days. Most important is that we can learn how to keep a house clean for a longer period.

Hygiene at home gives us a healthy environment.

Principal techniques to eliminate dust on hard surfaces

a hand clean a surface with a white cloth
  • Traditional methods are not efficient in the long run. Of course, they eliminate dust immediately, but in a short time, it can reappear. What interests us is eliminating dust right away and not have it spread to the rest of the room.
  • For wooden shelves and furniture, a very interesting idea is to use a woolen cloth with glycerin. Doing this, you’ll get rid of all of the dust. At the same time, you’ll polish the surface. The result is really surprising.
  • Another better-known solution is to use a plain suede cloth with vinegar. Not only does this eliminate dirt, but it’s also good for the wood. It ends up shinier and looks renewed.
  • The most important tip is not to move the dust from one place to another. A common error is wiping a dry cloth on the furniture without previously dampening it. To avoid this problem, it’s essential to lightly wet the cloth.
  • Water can help to capture dirt. Better is to use a special anti-dust product. You can find this in a spray form or liquid bottle.

What can we do about the walls?

Hand with rubber gloves eliminate dust and dirt

Incredibly, walls can gather and keep a large quantity of dust daily. Even though they’re vertical, they turn into a perfect place to harbor dirt. So how do we work with the walls?

The mix we’re going to talk about can seem a bit strange, but it’s effective and lasting. Combine warm water, turpentine, liquid soap, and a little milk. Next, dampen the cloth with it and gently rub the wall. You’ll see it work immediately.

Other solutions to eliminate dust

Broom with a large dust bunny in front of it

There’s a large selection of high fiber cloths, special wipes, etc. on the market. After a while, however, many are no longer effective. Ideally, you can treat them with products that eliminate dust. This can be bicarbonate of soda which eliminates dirt and gets rid of marks as well. 

 Another option is to apply coarse salt. However, it’s not recommended for wooden furniture, but more for tiles and wicker.

For a natural solution, it’s better to resort to basic remedies. These are water with white vinegar or liquid soap. These work perfectly.


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