The Benefits of Using White Vinegar to Clean Wooden Furniture

If you own wooden furniture that has stains, dust, or rust, use white vinegar to clean it. It won't cause any damage to the wood, and it's the best product to get the job done.
The Benefits of Using White Vinegar to Clean Wooden Furniture

Last update: 29 May, 2020

The market offers a wide variety of cleaning products. More and more companies are investigating the possibility of creating new formulas and products. Do you know the benefits of white vinegar on furniture?

Vinegar has been used by our ancestors since it has disinfecting properties and helps with wood care. It’s a natural and economic remedy, and you can purchase it in supermarkets at a reasonable price.

It offers extraordinary results, and it doesn’t cause environmental problems, unlike chemicals that are harmful to your health.

The problem of dirt on furniture

You may have a lot of furniture that is made of wood, not to mention countertops and stone surfaces. For any of those materials, you can use vinegar, since it will clean your furniture effectively.

You must be careful when using cleaning solutions on your furniture.

White vinegar is colorless and therefore doesn’t leave behind any residue. But what does this mean for your furniture? Often, when you apply natural remedies, you run the risk of ruining the wood.

Vinegar is a product used for thorough cleaning. You can mix it with other products for more efficient results.

Over the years, vinegar has been used in daily cleaning.

Benefits of white vinegar

We’ve already mentioned some of the advantages of using vinegar. Now, we’re going to discuss its major benefits when cleaning furniture, especially wood.

  • White vinegar suits wood well. Not only does it remove dirt and dust, but it also helps polish the wood. It provides a shimmering effect, giving the wood more life.
  • When there are wine, milk, and other liquid stains on wood, you can apply the vinegar and allow it to soak for a few minutes. Then, you can clean the surface again without damaging the wood.
White vinegar can be mixed with alcohol.

  • If a glass or pot ring remains on the wood you need to act as soon as possible. Use vinegar with a cotton ball so that it protects the furniture.
  • If the handles of drawers or doors are rusting, unscrew, and place them in a jar of vinegar for 24 hours. If they cannot be removed, clean them periodically so that the rust is removed little by little.

How to mix vinegar with other products

There are other types of solutions that you can create by mixing white vinegar with other products. One particular mixture is vinegar and olive oil. Shake the mixture hard so that the two products mix well.

A woman cleaning a table.

To clean off dust, moisten a cloth in water and use the vinegar and olive oil mixture. The mixture doesn’t stay as a dissolved liquid but becomes thick. Rub the furniture in a circular motion with the cloth.

Using white vinegar with alcohol

Be careful when using white vinegar with alcohol. You can find alcohol in drugstores and cleaning shops.

Use this mixture for surfaces with stains: grease, oil, chemical products, etc. Vinegar with alcohol disinfects, degreases, decalcifies, doesn’t irritate the surfaces, and eliminates bad odors.

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