Vintage Industrial Furniture - Decorating Your House with History

Do you know what vintage industrial furniture is? We'll tell you how to incorporate it into your home decoration so that you can fall in love with it.
Vintage Industrial Furniture - Decorating Your House with History

Last update: 21 May, 2020

Vintage industrial furniture has become an object of desire and these forgotten items have suddenly found their place in even the most stylish homes. Collectors and lovers of design have become their main followers, and they look for them in flea markets and antique shops to give their house a real personal touch.

What is vintage industrial furniture?

Vintage furniture.

Vintage industrial furniture is those items that have been recovered from factories, pharmacies, shops, carpenters, hardware stores, or different types of offices and given a second life.

Counters from times gone by have become a beautiful way of displaying your favorite collection. Units that used to hold a carpenter’s tools have been transformed into the perfect kitchen unit. This is what vintage industrial furniture is like, full of charm, and capable of taking pride of place in your home.

One of their main characteristics is that they’re usually made with excellent materials and with intricate details on their hinges, handles, latches, or locks.

On the other hand, in addition to a vintage look, their charm also lies in their functionality. They were all made with a particular practical purpose in mind. Drawers, shelves, dividers… their storage capacity is quite original and truly fascinating.

Some vintage industrial furniture

A printing press

Printing press furniture.
Printing furniture /

One of the most fascinating pieces of vintage industrial furniture is those used in the old printing presses. They’re full of the most amazing tiny drawers and usually have beautifully crafted metal handles.

They’re very versatile, so you can use them as a dining room sideboards, as a unit for the hall, if yours is wide enough, or even in the kitchen. You decide!

From the office to pride of place

Vintage drawers.
Office furniture /

This filing cabinet is a real treasure, and even more so if you know how to restore it. In this case of the item above, the old wooden boxes and antique suitcases are perfect items to create a stylish, even romantic addition to a room. And just imagine all the things you can keep in them!

Metal vintage industrial furniture

Vintage lockers.
Metal furniture /

These types of metal lockers are also one of the most sought-after pieces of vintage furniture by decorators. This is not at all surprising, as they have so many uses. They look great in children’s bedrooms to store all their bits and pieces.

A charming writing desk

A vintage desk.
Writing desk /

There is nothing we love more than a vintage desk that’s been refurbished. It’s something that will give any area a rather bohemian air just by looking at it. If you’re something who loves vintage items and shabby chic, then this is an item that you have to have in your home.

A counter converted into a kitchen island

A vintage island.
Kitchen Island /

This counter was removed from a shop and has become an excellent and very practical kitchen island. In days gone by, the wood they used was usually excellent quality, such as oak. They stand the test of time and only need a little treatment to make them look like new and give them a second life.

Vintage bathroom furniture

Vintage bathroom unit.

Don’t limit the use of vintage industrial furniture just to the bedrooms or the most visible areas of your house. As you can see, it can also take pride of place in any bathroom.

As we’ve said, they are very practical items and so they’ll make your life much easier, as you’ll be able to keep towels, creams, first aid kits and anything you can think of in their drawers.

There’s a wide variety of vintage industrial furniture waiting to take up its place in your home. The most authentic way of doing it is to recover it from an antique store.

However, if your budget is limited, then several low-cost stores sell furniture of this type. Also, they’re quite easy to get at an affordable price. You’ll find our favorites in IKEA or Maisons du Monde.

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