Layered Wall Art

The love for art takes a new turn with this new trend known as "layered wall art". It's taken interior design by storm.
Layered Wall Art

Last update: 08 December, 2019

Art layers or layered wall art is a trend that’s popular on social media networks– especially Instagram. Layers of art create beautiful walls and allow decorators to explore their artistic side.

If you want us to describe what kind of effect layers create, “elegant” just doesn’t seem to cut it. No matter what kind of decor style the decorator uses, layered wall art looks incredible. But of course, onlookers will ultimately have the last say.

So what exactly is layering? Layering consists of filling empty wall spaces to create a space bursting with layers of colors, shapes, and textures. In our post, let’s take a closer look at layered wall art.

The art of layering

Starting off with a white wall, layering begins by choosing a set of colors, painting the wall and after, setting up several pictures. The pictures don’t only need to follow the color palette, but they also need to follow a common theme as well.

You can use photographs, works of art, text, collages, etc. Just make sure to keep things different and far from monotone.

And the art doesn’t just cover the walls. You can extend your palette or theme to other elements to create a truly beautiful space: furniture, decor accessories, bedding, etc. Let’s look at this example by Desenio to get a better idea of layering.

layering wall art desenio

The faded pink creates a concept of romance and delicateness. The colors break up the elements in the room and take form in different textures as well. Every single piece enforces and builds on the original concept.

Other important aspects

Considering the fact that layering wall art draws inspiration from a set idea and uses each and every detail to build its concept, layering is like filling your home with art. Or perhaps more accurately, it’s creating art.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. You can find it from the feelings that a certain color transmits (as shown in the picture below). Or, instead of a color, it could be a word, photograph, texture, city, etc.

layering wall art color


Understanding layers

You don’t necessarily have to paint your walls in order to create an elegant, layered space. You can layer on white walls, too. In fact, white would work great for eclectic or curious concepts.

You can also layer on top of wallpaper. The wallpaper would simply work as a base for the different layers of other elements (furniture and decor objects).

Do you have to hang the pictures up on the wall? No. Layering really only refers to creating different layers of the concept. Thus, you can set up your pictures however you prefer. For example, you can even lean them against a cabinet.

Or, you can hang up a single picture and leave the rest on top of a piece of furniture or on the ground… It’s all up to your creative planning!

layering wall art examples

The best that layering has to offer

  • Layers help viewers interact with the art in an original and intimate way. It’ll help imagination become a reality.
  • They also transform and create highly sophisticated spaces with a unique personality.
  • Layering opens the door to endless possibilities, which means that there’s a design for everybody.
  • Though layering might seem expensive at first, it really doesn’t have a set budget. You can tailor your ideas to your circumstances.

Layering wall art is an art form that’s both profound and mysterious. It’s no wonder that so many creative decorators have already brought layers into their own homes.