Kitchen With Office Space: Advantages and Ideas

You can have a kitchen with an office regardless of the size of the available space. These types of kitchens are modern and offer advantages that you should know about.
Kitchen With Office Space: Advantages and Ideas

Last update: 05 November, 2021

A kitchen with office space is an excellent alternative when it comes to taking advantage of the rooms available at home. These types of kitchens don’t require expensive remodels or hard-to-find pieces of furniture. The only thing you’ll need is the space.

Thus, the concept of the kitchen is transcended, in which it’s believed that only food is prepared in there and that’s it.

In this article, we’re going to explain the benefits of having a kitchen with an office space and we’ll give you some ideas to inspire you to create yours. In this room, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner with the family. Equally, you can do your homework or work, accompanied by a good coffee.

What is a kitchen with office space?

Advantages of having an office in the kitchen.

Kitchens with an office space have an elegant, sober, comfortable, and sophisticated area to complete other tasks, beyond cooking. For this reason, it’s necessary to install a table, a desk, a bar, or a counter with space to eat. You should also consider where and how you’ll spend time with the person who cooks or does homework and work activities.

In fact, this is an ideal space for people who have children as it means you can supervise them while they do their homework. The most interesting thing is that you can have a kitchen with an office in a closed or open space. The possibilities are incredible!

Advantages of having a kitchen with an office

Designing your kitchen with an office will bring huge advantages. These include:

  • Practical: depending on your lifestyle, work activity, and responsibilities at home, these types of kitchens help you to be more practical. Nothing is more uncomfortable than cooking while you work and losing time and rhythm between walking backward and forwards.
  • Tranquility: if you have to cook and supervise the children while they do their homework, you’ll have the peace of mind of doing both, without neglecting either.
  • Comfort: having a good table where you can do your activities in the kitchen will guarantee convenience and comfort.
  • Tasteful: many people believe that you need an open kitchen to create a kitchen office, but this isn’t the case. It’s a decision that depends on your tastes and the space you have available.
  • Optimization: even the smallest kitchens have the opportunity to contain an office. Particularly in a small space within a corner.

What’s the best design for a kitchen office?

5 reasons to have a bar in the kitchen

The best design for a generic office kitchen doesn’t exist, as it totally depends on your own personal tastes and space. You can make your kitchen countertops and your work table from the same materials, or combine different colors. In the market, there are materials to satisfy all tastes and needs.

On the other hand, the placement of your furniture also depends on what each person wants and the space available. Next, we’re going to give you some ideas that will guide you.

Office kitchens with bar

If you want to adapt your kitchen to include an office space, the most ideal and practical thing is to install a kitchen bar at the exit of your kitchen. This way it’ll look more modern, innovative and elegant. Install a bar with storage drawers to make it easier to organize items such as dishes and cookware.

This bar will be useful to serve food too, accompany those who cook, carry out tasks, or work. The key to comfort when using this type of table is in the chairs, which must be comfortable. Otherwise, you won’t be able to spend a lot of time there without getting back pain.

Kitchens with an office in the corner

Having a small space isn’t inconvenient if you want to have a kitchen with an office. In this type of space, you have to identify the corners of the room to take advantage of them.

Corners are usually the most wasted space. In them, you can place a folding table that you can remove when you need to expand the space. If we’re talking about a kitchen that’s very small, you can use a small corner unit as an office space with doors to keep the contents hidden.

Nordic office kitchens

Nordic-style office kitchens are very sophisticated and modern. It’s about using furniture with simple and traditional colors, and with basic stylized shapes. The most used color in this type of kitchen is white.