Keys to a More Sustainable House

Does your lifestyle contribute to a sustainable house? Read this to find out.
Keys to a More Sustainable House

Last update: 13 December, 2020

A more sustainable house is possible. Read this article and you’ll see that it’s much easier than it seems.

Having a more sustainable house doesn’t have to be complicated. Today, there are many alternatives to be able to care for the environment without extra effort for you.

You only have to modify small things that will make a great change. It’s worth it, don’t you think? With this advice, you’ll be able to have that life that’s more aware and respectful of all that surrounds you. Are you ready for the transformation?

Start taking care of your possessions

Varnish a door, taking care of your possessions helps make a sustainable house

In order to have a more sustainable house, the first thing is to value and take care of what you have. This includes furniture, appliances, and accessories. That way you’ll make them last longer and you’ll avoid irresponsible consumption.

This implies using them correctly and caring for them according to their specific requirements. For example, if you have wooden furniture, at times you’ll have to apply oil and special varnishes that keep them in good condition and last longer.

When it comes to fabrics, read the washing instructions carefully. Doing this will assure that you wash them correctly and avoid ruining them with the wrong products.

Change your buying and consumption habits

If you change some of your habits such as turning lights off when you leave a room and being careful with the air conditioning and the dryer, you’ll reduce your energy consumption. Also, remember to fill your dishwasher to capacity and conserve energy with all of your appliances.

When talking about purchases, as far as light bulbs are concerned, change them for low consumption LED bulbs. Then you’ll see your expenses go down and this is a positive gesture for the planet. Look for more information in Leroy Merlin.

Be careful with water consumption

Tree in a little bowl of water

Conserving water should be a priority for everyone since it’s a limited resource and there are many ways to do this at home. This includes turning the faucet off while you brush your teeth to only using the washer when it’s completely full.

This way, the appliances that are highly efficient will make a difference since they use less energy and are operating with fewer resources. However, this doesn’t mean that you should change all of them, which would have the opposite effect. Just replace them as necessary.

Organize your meals

Responsible consumption includes learning to organize your meals in order not to waste food. Having an organized pantry and being able to see everything will allow you to use all the items that you have. That way food won’t end up shoved to the back of the shelf until it goes bad and is unusable.

Glass containers are very effective for storing food in the pantry. This includes pasta, beans, dried fruit, etc. In addition, you’re able to see it and it’ll stay fresh longer. This also applies to the refrigerator.

Recycle and you’ll have a more sustainable house

Four hands holding up recyclable items for a sustainable house

Classifying waste in the house is the first step to efficient recycling. Even so, sometimes it can be complicated to manage all of the waste that you generate in your home.

That’s why we recommend that you have different bins for paper, plastic, and organic waste. This will make it much easier to take care of the planet. At IKEA you’ll find various options and stacking bins are ideal if you lack space.

If you’ve arranged it right, you’ll have a more sustainable and simpler house. What’s more, you’ll do this with small changes that you can incorporate into your lifestyle.

From more responsible consumption to taking good care of what you already have makes a big difference in the environment. Remember to pay attention to the materials and quality of what you purchase.



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