Instagram Accounts for People Addicted to Order

Find all the inspiration you need from these Instagram accounts for people addicted to order. Chaos will never take over your home again!
Instagram Accounts for People Addicted to Order

Last update: 02 January, 2022

In recent years, tricks, tips, accessories, and order gurus have become very fashionable. Surely, you’ve seen how they help save time and space while providing peace of mind? Therefore, below, you can discover some of our favorite Instagram accounts for people addicted to order.

Follow them and fall in love with their proposals. They’ll help you go from chaos to order, with simple tricks that are easy to put into practice. Are you ready to meet them?

Instagram accounts you’ll love

On Instagram, you can find many different accounts with ideas and tricks to keep order at home. Don’t miss this selection!

The Home Edit


This account has 1,600,000 followers thanks to Clea and Joanna’s inspiring and down-to-earth profiles. It has a lot of merit because, in addition to giving you ideas and filling your senses with beautiful things, you can also buy the most elegant accessories you can find in their online store.

Look for them as @thehomeedit and you’ll see how you immediately get hooked on their ideas to decorate any room in your home. They have a beautiful color philosophy and their motto says it all: order by decorating.

Instagram accounts for people addicted to order: Neat Method


Ashley Murphy and Molly Graves are professional organizers and they help their half-million followers keep order through their Instagram account.

Nothing scares them and they’re able to ensure that your refrigerator is in perfect order. They also prevent food waste because their order means that you’ll know exactly what’s in your refrigerator and it’ll look like it has just come out of a magazine. 

They sell their services as luxury and have a website where you can also buy accessories that are as beautiful as they’re useful. Warning…their Instagram account is totally addictive!

Put order



In Spain, there’s Vanesa Travieso with her company Pon Orden. It’s on Instagram in the same name. It was formed with none other than Marie Kondo. Although she was always passionate about order, she confesses that her life changed when she read The Magic of Order.

She’s an expert in organizing renovations and her true passion is freeing up space. It’s one of the Instagram accounts for order addicts that’s full of motivational phrases to make it easier for you.

Instagram accounts for people addicted to order: Jena Jones


Jen Jones is behind @iheartorganizingy. She has an Instagram account that’ll make you want to copy everything. Her community already has 118,000 followers and, in addition to offering all kinds of tricks to make the most of your spaces, she also has a blog that’s pure gold.

Jen is another of those people who have signed up to sell accessories online to leave your house nickel-plated and beautiful. The truth is that it provides pure inspiration. Just by looking at her feed, you’ll want to put order into each room of your home. Also, she is passionate about DIY.

Clara: The Home Organized


Do you remember the movie Sleeping with the Enemy? Well, the photos of the cupboards and shelves that Clara shares are worthy of the protagonist in this film. She has 28,000 followers and, in addition to ordering what crosses her path, she decorates through order.

Another of her talents is that she can optimize space in the most complicated of places, such as a dressing room or the shelves in your closet. She also has a website where you can read tricks, buy her book or see the before and after pictures of many of the places she’s collaborated with.

Simply Organized


See this post on Instagram

<current situation 💕 Making the most of “social distancing” beginning with spring cleaning and decorating a bit early. Also, stocked up on the essentials = Cadbury chocolate mini eggs are on that list right? Good!… then we’re set! (zoom in to see those in my favorite glass Easter basket! 🐰).. Seriously though, I hope you’re safe and taking necessary precautions. Have a lot of ideas to share for how we can really take advantage of this time. But for sure top of the list is being kinder and more patient with one another and sharing love with those who really need some extra support. Back soon with a long list!.. Find the some of the decor sources in our kitchen sitting area via the shop page or by following me on the @ app

A shared publication of SO | Home ® (@simplyorganized) the Mar 14, 2020 at 6:09 am PDT

Samantha Pregenzer is part of the NAPO ( National Association of Professional Organizers ), an association of professional organizers in the United States. In addition to telling us her tricks on social networks, she defines herself as a handywoman, so she’ll give you lots of ideas.

She teaches you how to put up wallpaper, a lamp, or assemble the furniture in your laundry room–and she does it without messing up her hair! A super, inspiring woman, we guarantee you’ll love her.

What do you think of these Instagram accounts for people addicted to order? You already know that there are many more and they are very useful when looking for inspiration or tricks so that everything remains organized.

With a little practice and dedication, you will create very effective routines that are going to be essential so that chaos never takes over your home. Are you ready to get down to business?

Lead image:@simplyorganized

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