Ideas for Decorating the Walls of Your Home

The time has come to give your walls a treat and show off your personality. See what decorating your walls can do for your home.
Ideas for Decorating the Walls of Your Home

Last update: 08 January, 2022

Homes are capable of transmitting sensations, memories, and emotions to each occupant and visitor. Walls demand to be seen and should attract attention with their decor, ornaments, furniture, and accessories. Decorating the walls of your home should include the details that connect occupants and visitors. Adorn your walls with your personal tastes, hobbies, memories, interests, and personality traits.

They should give insight to and be a clear reflection of who lives within those walls–a kind of personal museum that we create with the passing of time. We can’t think of a better time to dedicate extra attention to walls in this way. Can you?

Think about it! Walls are a wonderful blank canvas and offer a world of decor and design possibilities and we want to exploit their potential to the maximum. To do this, we’ve taken inspiration from IKEA.

If walls could talk…

Contemporary paintings on the walls

Decorating the walls of your home: painting and picture collections

We do recognize that creating a painting or picture display isn’t something that comes naturally to all of us. Where do you put them? How can you create a harmonious and beautiful collage? It can be quite tricky! But the benefit that this task is going to provide you once it’s finished is delightful. You’ll enjoy and admire the result every day. 

Firstly, you need to reflect on the objectives: what you want to show, the size of the wall, its location, and where you want to put the paintings. Afterward, it’s advisable to create a layout on the floor before you make any holes in the wall. By doing this you can be sure that the pattern and format look good. 

Put the paintings or pictures on the ground and move them until you find the winning combination. Moreover, take a photo of the layout on the floor because this will help you to imagine how it’ll look on the wall. 

It’s possible to also make templates of the size of your paintings (including the frame) and stick them to the wall with a little painter’s tape. By doing this, you can see exactly how it’ll look without damaging your walls. 

When you’re ready to hang them, make a small mark on the wall first with a pencil through the paper template. Don’t forget that when it comes to making the hole for the hook, you’ll need to use a level so that your paintings are straight. 

Decorating the walls of your home: achieve harmony with the perfect layout and display

Children's paintings with footprints.

When it comes to creating a more simple display with paintings, there are many options and, once again, it’s about transmitting life and harmony to the space that you see every day. 

  • You may want to focus attention on just two or three paintings with a simple layout. 
  • Also, you can create a display to complement and accompany a base unit or piece of furniture.
  • Or you can give a symmetrical feeling with more order and a square layout. 
  • There are far more ambitious and complex options that’ll undoubtedly change your space in a radical way. It’s about creating a strong visual impact with several paintings in a layout that occupies the entire wall. By doing this, you’ll make your wall the protagonist. 

Libraries to dress your walls and show off your knowledge

Square bookcase. Bookcases on the walls

Books and bookshelves make the most visual impact on walls within the home. If your bookcase is untidy and messy, take this opportunity to reorganize it both from a functional and an aesthetic point of view. 

  • Schedule a morning or an afternoon and get to work.
  • Start by completely emptying the bookcase and cleaning it thoroughly.
  • Follow Marie Kondo’s advice.
  • Separate books from files and decorative objects. Put files at the bottom to generate a visual block as a base. Then organize your books by themes, sizes, or the criteria as you consider appropriate.
  • Place the books in a way that leaves free spaces to display decorative objects. Select the decorative objects that you really like and intersperse them with books to achieve a good visual balance between them. These might include sculptures, photos, or plants. 
  • Leave some empty spaces so as not to visually overwhelm and create room for maneuver if you acquire new objects or books. 

When it comes to walls, anything goes! You can make a collage of objects that you like, such as plates, clocks, culinary items, or tools. Why not dedicate some of your time to them and fill your walls with beautiful things?

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