How to use Very Peri Color in Your Kitchen

Learn how to use the Very Peri color in your kitchen. The official Color of the Year for 2022, is beautiful and delicate.
How to use Very Peri Color in Your Kitchen

Last update: 05 April, 2022

Over recent years, kitchens have evolved in many different ways, including using colors as striking as Very Peri. This Color of the Year for 2022 is distinguished as violet with a very interesting bluish undertone that’ll give life to any room in your home. It represents elegance, creativity, and energy.

For many, it’s a risky color to use in the kitchen. However, its use doesn’t have to be complicated because it combines well with other tones.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Very Peri in kitchens

Before you use Very Peri in your kitchen, you must remember that this tone has defined limits. One disadvantage is that if it’s used in excess, is going to be visually overwhelming. This has the potential to make a space feel uncomfortable.

On the other hand, it also has one great advantage. When it’s used in the exact measure, it transforms kitchens, changes their energies, renews them, and makes them much more striking. Another point in favor is that there are already countless decorative and textile objects in this tone on the market that you can include in your decor.

Ideas on how to include Very Peri

If you want to renew your kitchen, Very Peri may well be the color you should choose. So that you leave your fears behind and avoid making mistakes, we’ll share some ideas to guide you on how to achieve an incredible result.

Chairs and armchairs

Apply Very Peri on kitchen chairs.
Apply Very Peri on kitchen chairs.

One of the easiest options to include Very Peri in kitchens is through furniture. By doing this, you can change the chairs in this space and even upholster them with different materials in this tone. These elements will stand out and make your kitchen look beautifully modern, and alive.


If you want to take a risk and you’re looking for a profound change, you can use Very Peri on your kitchen walls. However, you should choose smaller feature walls to avoid overwhelming the room or abusing the color. The best option is to adapt the tone and choose one small wall.

Decorative objects

The easiest way to include Very Peri in your kitchen is through decorative objects. It’s enough to have a beautiful vase in this color, some pieces of porcelain, a beautiful rug, or elegant tablecloths. There are even kitchen utensils such as tongs, gloves, or cloths that you can buy in these colors.


If you want to add a small touch of Very Peri in your kitchen, you can do it through your lights. Choose between traditional lamps, pendants, or LED strip lighting. Hang them in the traditional way on your ceilings or in your kitchen islands and drawer units.

Using Very Peri in your kitchen with other colors

We already know that we can’t cover the entire kitchen in Very Peri! This is why it’s necessary to combine it with other tones that calm and enhance it at the same time. Next, we’ll tell you more about combining it with other colors.

Combining Very Pero with pastel tones

The combination of Very Peri with pastel tones in the kitchen creates a delicate contrast at first glance. This is because it highlights harmony which generates a calm, sophisticated and modern space. You can have pastel pink walls with a simple shelf in the shade of Very Peri or vice versa.

Neutral tones

If you like classic colors, black or white are both good options to combine with Very Peri. As we already know, these neutral tones combine with almost everything and will make your kitchen look timeless, colorful, and unique.

All this, without losing the classic touch that you like. Of course, it’s important that in this combination you should use the same proportions of neutral tones and Very Peri.

Learn about the colors with which you can combine the Very Peri in kitchens.
Learn about the colors that you can combine with Very Peri in kitchens.

A range of greens

By using green tones together with Very Peri in your kitchen, you’ll create a contrast to its cold tone. This is because green adds extra warmth and generates a calm environment without neglecting elegance. Remember that you can vary the shades from light to dark so that everything suits your personal tastes.

What do you think about using Very Peri in your kitchen?

As you’ve seen, Very Peri is a beautiful color that looks great in kitchens–as long as it’s used properly. In this article, we’ve given you some options to guide you to make your kitchen look modern and beautiful.