Our Favorite Rugs for This Season

When it comes to choosing a new rug, we've got some ideal proposals for you to consider. Make your home more welcoming this season. Ready to go shopping?
Our Favorite Rugs for This Season

Last update: 17 January, 2022

When it comes to defining spaces or creating more warmth and harmony in our homes, there are various resources that we can turn to. This includes rugs! So, we’ve prepared a list of our favorite rugs for this season. Ultimately, rugs are essential for giving our homes the focal point that every living space needs.

We’ve got some ideal proposals for you to consider and to help you make your home more welcoming this season. Ready to go shopping?

Dressing homes with rugs

Rugs are an ideal resource to dress homes, but we’re all guilty of making decor mistakes when it comes to locating them and choosing the ideal size for each room.

Therefore, before you buy a new rug, we suggest that you check out the following tips to avoid decor errors.

  • Rugs should be in the center of the room, especially if they’re the main object or focus. If you have a large space, they’re ideal for visually separating areas, especially in open-plan spaces.
  • It’s important to use anti-slip rugs and matting, especially if you place rugs in areas with a high footfall. By doing this, you’ll avoid accidents and prevent your rug from moving.
  • Choose a large rug. Ideally, all the legs of a piece of furniture should sit on the rug, or at least the front legs. If your furniture is small, you should definitely choose a large rug, and all the legs should be located on top of it.
  • Rules are made to be broken! Although there are some basic principles when it comes to locating rugs, it’s predominately about showing a part of our personality. One way to do this is by combining several rugs, overlapping them, and playing with patterns and colors.
  • Keep on cleaning! Rugs must be cleaned regularly and thoroughly. Of course, depending on the size of the rug, we recommend that you vacuum it weekly.

Some of our favorite rugs for this season

rugs that we like the most for this season
Image: ikea.com/es

Once these points are clarified, we can go shopping! Although, remember that, in addition to providing warmth, rugs will also generate harmony and color in your home.

We love the natural look!

Of course, in order to prepare this list, we’ve visited IKEA. And, among all its options, we’ve chosen the LOHALS rug as one of our favorites. It’s woven with jute, which is a resistant material with insulating properties. This makes it ideal for cold floors and Nordic environments.

You’ll find it in various sizes and you can complement it with a non-slip STOPP FILT. By doing this, you’ll prevent it from moving and slipping.

Our favorite rugs for this season: with patterns

Patterned rug
Image: laredoute.es

Among the rugs that we like the most are the ones that imitate materials or finishes. At La Redoute, we’ve found this checkered hall mat that imitates hydraulic stoneware.

It can be placed in passageways and it’s available in different colors to match your decor.  The best thing is that it’s anti-dust, so it helps to prevent mites and it imitates sisal, with the advantage that it’s much easier to wash.

For travel lovers

If you like the ethnic style, you don’t have to visit Asia or Africa to bring an influential piece home with you. The Spanish DIY chain, Leroy Merlin has lots of ethnic-style rugs that’ll go great in rustic dining rooms.

The hygienic and comfortable option

Vinyl rugs are more fashionable than ever and this is all thanks to the versatility they offer. Not to mention the simplicity of their hygiene measures.

We’ve added Sklum to our list of stores for our favorite rugs for this season. We found a very cool collection of rugs here, from hydraulic patterns for kitchens and bathrooms to others designed for children’s rooms.

Before you buy a new rug, it’s important to measure your room and take into account your furniture, colors, and patterns. In addition, you should pay attention to the materials of the rug you like the most, because, sometimes, cheap is expensive! Choose quality rugs, that are washable and ones that serve a decorative purpose at the level you need.