Arabic Style Terrace Decoration: Moroccan Inspiration

Arabic-style terraces are trending right now for their elegance and personality. In today's article, we'll teach you everything you need to know about decorating your terrace or balcony in a Morrocan-inspired style.
Arabic Style Terrace Decoration: Moroccan Inspiration

Last update: 16 August, 2021

The Moroccan or Arabic style is a style that’s inspired by the culture and customs of the Middle East. It’s characterized by exotic touches using vibrant and striking materials, with rich textures and colors that stand out and create an impact.

Moroccan-style terraces are trending right now for their elegance and personality. In today’s article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about decorating your terrace or balcony in this style.

Intense colours

Typical Moroccan terrace in earth colors, horseshoe arch, lanterns, wood.

The most common colors of the Arabic style are reds, oranges, and browns. These colors are reminiscent of the desert, the landscape, the typical spices, and the Middle-Eastern apparel. Greens and blues are also used as they’re the colors that represent nature and the environment.

As we can see, the Moroccan style is rich in color, which takes us to the bazaars and typical street shops that we find in their cities and that stand out for their multiple colors.

However, it’s possible to adapt this style to less vibrant environments in which white, silver or metallic tones work in combination with wood to predominate.

Arabic style: arches are key

Arab arch.

In the decoration of Moroccan-style terraces there are many arches that are reminiscent of the entrances to mosques. They visually separate environments and decorate areas when they’re used both as a door or as a mere decorative element.

The typical Arab arch is the horseshoe arch, along with other types emblematic of this style. These include: pointed, tumid, lobed and fantasy.

The use of mosaics

Mosaic floors.

Morrocan terraces with exotic elements are very attractive. We can also achieve this look by using tiles with geometric motifs and bright and vibrant colors.

Hydraulic tiles can also have multiple artistic drawings with different handcrafted decorations in copper and silver. To choose the right combination of colors you have to take into account the colors of your furniture and accessories.

Lots of cushions and fabrics

Colorful Moroccan-style fabrics and pillows.

The cushions you choose should contain vibrant and intense colors. The bigger the better! They can be placed on the floor and even displayed on your walls. You can combine the prints on the cushions with those on the tiles.

The fabrics you use will also add an exotic touch to your terrace. Bet on bright colors and with different patterns, sizes and textures. It’s important that they combine well with the cushions and rugs that you use in order to prevent blurring the aesthetic line.

The most striking combinations are those with the most colors. Ones that go very well include intense red and pink tones mixed with turquoise. As this style has no limits, take advantage and unleash your imagination!

Perfect accessories for Arabic style

Typical Moroccan lanterns forming mosaics with their holes.
  • Textile elements are very important in the decoration of your terrace. You can include handcrafted woolen tapestries or rugs, alongside colorful and patterned cushions.
  • Ethnic drawings work very well when they’re printed on pillows and rugs, which are essential in Moroccan decoration. If you don’t want to take any risks with the weather, bet on rugs that are designed for outdoor use and are more resistant to the elements. Another option is a raffia rug with a splash of color; you can find these in any store.
  • Low tables that function as coffee tables will add a plus to your decor. On them you can place silver trays typical of the Berbers. These are usually circular and can be used both as a tray and to decorate walls.
  • Circular leather puffs with ethnic drawings are also typical of the Morrocan style and will work beautifully well in this space.
  • Handira type blankets can be placed on your sofa and look best when you allow them to fall in a carefree and casual way.
  • Lanterns go well on any terrace. Moroccan-inspired lanterns work great as a detail in corners and provide a markedly Arabic touch to the decoration.
  • Lighting is very important in this type of terrace. Choose lights with copper details and small holes through which the light filters and creates a mosaic of shadows.

You can also place garlands of light on your walls and recreate a more chic and romantic atmosphere.

Metals such as copper or silver will also add a plus in the Moroccan environment. You can use them for details such as mirrors, candle holders, centerpieces, picture frames, flower pots or trays and cutlery for tea.

Plants to complement an Arabic style


No matter how little space you have, there’s always room for some plants that add a green, natural and refreshing touch to the environment. You can place them in standing pots or hang them on the wall.

Another good idea in decorating Moroccan-inspired terraces with plants is cacti as they remind us of the desert. They’re ideal for very sunny terraces. In addition, they have little maintenance so they’re very easy to care for. You can put them in wicker baskets or in colored pots.

We regularly see the Arab style on terraces in numerous decor magazines. Its color palette makes any environment striking and elegant. Do you dare to decorate your terrace in a Moroccan style?