Do You Know How To Combine Rugs?

Combining rugs can help you achieve a spectacular decoration in your home.
Do You Know How To Combine Rugs?

Last update: 01 September, 2020

You can put rugs in the living room, bedroom, entryway, dress up a hallway, or even in the kitchen. Mix materials, colors, patterns, and even styles to get a different look and they will transform any environment. We’re going to teach you how to combine rugs in an original, effective way.

Take a pen and paper and make a note of the best options to achieve a different effect in any part of the home through the use and combination of rugs.

Combine rugs of the same material

You can combine rugs in the bedroom.

The simplest way might be to choose rugs of different sizes or shapes, but of the same material for a single environment. Imagine an open space where you want to differentiate the dining room from the living room in a subtle way. For example, you could use two sisal rugs: one large, rectangular one for the dining room and another for the coffee table in the living room.

Mixing textures

The only thing you should keep in mind when combining rugs made of different materials is the color palette. For example, you can put a long-pile rug on one side of your bed and a jute rug at the foot of it. Natural fibers are great because they are neutral options so you can mix colors and textures without fear of making mistakes.

Combine rugs to create a centerpiece

You can combine rugs in one room.

If you have a room that you want to add a touch of color to, you can do it with a large, spectacular rug. In this case, we recommend that you choose one rug to frame the space and make it the center of attention.

This is an ideal option for Nordic-inspired wooden dining rooms, full of warmth with simple lines.

Combine rugs one on top of the other

Did you know that decorating with overlapping rugs is a new trend this year? You can choose from different textures and colors that are in sync. This way, you’ll create a harmonious, balanced space.

If you want to get it right, put down a bottom rug that’s in a flat, lighter tone to serve as a frame. Then, with the upper rug, you can play when it comes to colors and patterns.

Several rugs in the same space

An eclectic living room.

Many people think that you can’t combine several rugs in the same environment, but you absolutely can. We recommend you follow advice from interior designers for a great result.

Put a rug in each specific area. For example, if you have a large living room, you can decorate with a rug in the living area and then another in the reading corner. Then, you can use another one to differentiate the area leading to the dining room.

If you choose different fabrics to define each environment and the same color scheme, the results will be amazing.

What about vinyl rugs?

This is a perfect option to create distinctions between areas. In addition, vinyl and hydraulic rugs continue to be trendy.

If you choose different floor options for each area, they can help differentiate between environments. For example, while in the living room you can put wood, vinyl tiles in the kitchen can look great. They’re very cool and they are also super easy to clean.

Charming square options

A living room design.

One trick for the best interior use is to combine two rugs in different colors in a single space. In fact, t his brings symmetry and order to the environment.

This can add a fun touch to a child’s room, but it can also work well in modern, colorful living rooms. For example, round rugs add a lot to the floor of any room.

Combine rugs by matching colors

If you want to add a bohemian, chic touch to any type of room, you can lay two rugs of the same color but different design. In fact, you’ll achieve a great effect of unity and balance that you’ll love.

What way do you want to combine rugs? Mix textures, colors, and shapes and you’ll get a great result!