Trapillo Rugs, a Handmade Accessory

Bring warmth and color to your home with the latest decoration trend - trapillo rugs.
Trapillo Rugs, a Handmade Accessory

Last update: 14 June, 2020

You may not know it but trapillo rugs are a handmade product. So, you don’t need overly expensive accessories to redecorate a room. All you have to do is think of a simple item that’ll give your room a simple subtle rustic touch.

There is no doubt that rugs are a very important element in home decor. This is because, apart from protecting our feet from the cold, they create cozy environments and defining the style of a room.

The variety is truly amazing, but it’s increasingly common to take back traditional techniques in its preparation. In this sense, trapillo is one of the materials that’s been trendy in recent years and is a wise choice.

Trapillo rugs are a trend in traditional decoration.

Where does trapillo come from?

A rug made with thick cord.

This technique has recently come to our homes. However, although it may seem like a very novel material, the trapillo is one of the oldest and most widely-projected handcraft creations.

It originates in the Portuguese mountains, where they recycled the remnants of the best fabrics to make new balls and use them for new creations. For this reason, it was very difficult to find two identical balls, thus being unique and unrepeatable pieces.

Varieties of trapillo rugs

A knit piece.

This technique has developed greatly in recent years. Therefore, today we can find different varieties of coils, of all kinds of materials, sizes, colors. However, you can split them into two types:

  • Handcrafted or recycled – made from scraps. These coils can be found in specialized stores. Instead, another option would be to create your own coil from an old shirt.
  • Industrial – these are homogeneous coils made in factories. They are the most suitable for large creations since they allow us to find large quantities of cloth with the same characteristics.
A crochet rug.

It’s increasingly common to find decor accessories made from trapillo. It’s not surprising that, apart from its artisanal beauty, it’s a very economical and resistant material. Furthermore, as it’s recycled, it’s impossible to find two identical creations.

One of its most interesting applications is in the manufacture of trapillo rugs. This accessory is perfect to bring an ethnic touch to our room. Actually, these are 100% handmade compositions, from the making of the bobbin to your weaving.

The wide variety of colors, materials, and textures makes each rug unique.

These types of rugs bring a lot of warmth to the room and a very personal touch. Also, it helps us create unique spaces, thanks to its powerful visual impact, mainly from its colors and textures.

Trapillo rugs made on a loom

A crochet stitch up close.

One of the rug designs that we like the most is the one that is made on a loom. These rugs are unique in that they are made by hand. Therefore, they are perfect for creating rustic-style spaces. What characteristics do they have?

  • Looms allow us to work with almost any type of material. For this reason, we find many designs made with this technique.
  • Also, there are all kinds of designs. However, those that are stronger are those made with different types of fabric.
  • Finally, this type of rug has a rectangular design. They are the perfect complement to spaces such as the hallway. Also, they bring light and color to this area, all while creating a very original and creative effect.

Knot rugs

A person knitting a trapillo rug.

Another type of rug that we find in trapillo is a knotted one. This fun rug is made with small fringes tied in a mesh. This technique adds thickness to the carpet, making it the perfect complement for the smallest rooms.

This is one of the cheapest and fun decor items since you can do it yourself – you just need a plastic mesh, cloth, and a little imagination. The result is spectacular!

Crochet rugs and cloth

An entrance mat.

Finally, another craft we love is crochet. This technique is perfect for creating cozy places.

Also, these types of rugs have a wide variety of patterns and shapes that allow us to create all kinds of compositions. Crochet and trapillo rugs are the perfect combinations of two artisan techniques.