Nature-Inspired Rugs for Your Home

Let these nature-inspired rugs transport you back to nature.
Nature-Inspired Rugs for Your Home

Last update: 13 October, 2019

Rugs are an essential element in the decor of any home. They provide warmth and make a room cozier. Who doesn’t like walking barefoot on a carpet and enjoying the pleasant feeling it gives! Add nature-inspired rugs and you’ll take it one step beyond.

Are you looking for something different and original for your bedroom or living room? Then opt for creative rugs with designs inspired by nature. Where do you need one?

Types of rugs

The first thing you must be clear about is where you’ll place your rug. You can put one in pretty much any part of your house. But, there are a few things to keep in mind depending on their intended use because they come in all sorts of materials and some are better than others for specific areas.

For example, if you’re looking for a rug for your hall then you should find something resistant and with darker colors. This is because you’ll most likely wipe your shoes on it when you enter the house. These should be sturdier so they don’t wear out. They should also be easy to clean.

On the contrary, if you intend to place a rug in your living room or in one of your bedrooms, then find one that’s softer for a more pleasant touch. The variety of colors of these is greater because it won’t be in a high traffic area so it won’t get too dirty. Follow these tips and your rugs will always look like new.

1. Rugs with nature-inspired tropical motifs

A nature inspired rug with a Monstera motif.

Tropical motifs are in fashion. These motifs are currently invading every corner of people’s homes. This is no accident because their popularity is due to the feelings they inspire. People spend little time outdoors and so we try to bring the outside in.

This kind of motif brings freshness into a home and gives it a casual and vital touch. Tropical motifs are fun and rugs are objects you can easily integrate with your environment.

There are rugs with tropical motifs to suit nearly all tastes. You can get everything from bold and strident prints to the most classic and minimalistic.

It all depends on the feeling you wish to create in a room and the image you want to reflect. But, regardless of the rug that you select, it will certainly brighten up a room

2. Die-cut rugs

A room and patio with die cut rugs.

If you’re looking for something different, and original then die-cut rugs are your best option. These are perfect for any part of the house and in addition to their functionality, they’ll also add a casual touch to your home.

These rugs are, without a doubt, the most fun and casual of all nature-inspired rug designs. They come in many different sizes, colors, and designs, so you will surely find the one that’s perfect for you. You can also mix and match for a fun set of die-cut rugs.

The most common models also come with tropical motifs and are very beautiful and fashionable. So, if your heart is set on a specific die-cut rug but you can’t find it at any store then make it yourself. Just buy a green or earth-toned rug and draw your favorite pattern on it. You can easily cut it out with the aid of a utility knife.

3. Faux lawns are good nature-inspired rugs

A nature-inspired grass rug.

This last idea is the most natural and also the riskiest. However, the effect is spectacular because it gives the feeling of having an indoor lawn. In addition, they’re very pleasant to touch and really have nothing to do with those ugly faux grass outdoor carpets.

The best part is you can buy these types of rugs in the exact dimensions you need. If your home already has natural materials then this one is the perfect complement for it all.

Some of these rugs are truly realistic and have different colors and textures. The result is a spectacular design that will make a difference in any room you put them.

There’s a wide variety of nature-inspired rugs out there. Step out of the conventional look and freshen up the look of your living room, hall or bedroom with a rug that will give a breath of fresh air.