3 Fundamental Rules Before Choosing Tiles

Sometimes we make mistakes when choosing the wrong materials. For this reason, it is important to be well informed about the possibilities that exist in the market and what suits us best for the home.
3 Fundamental Rules Before Choosing Tiles

Last update: 24 April, 2021

Home decoration must be governed by a comprehensive approach where there is a coherent and adequate relationship between the different resources, even if they are part of the infrastructure. Therefore, we are going to learn about 3 fundamental rules before choosing tiles.

The atmosphere that we generate in interiors is influenced by the colors, materials, and design that we apply. The structure and the furniture make up content that is enhanced through the colors. Among all these elements there must be harmony.

The space where the decoration is located becomes the ideal setting to configure a meaning that suits our needs; the floor, the walls, and the ceiling are the perfect framework to work on the aesthetics of the home.

1. Study the style of the home

How to decorate the bathroom with tiles

Before choosing tiles for the home, you must understand the style that will be present in the rooms: the way it looks, the elements that actively participate, the colors that will predominate, the design and distribution of resources, etc.

Keep in mind that all these principles will help to correctly define the interiors. However, it will be the materials that determine the level of resistance, durability, and, in turn, the appearance itself. If they are of quality, they will offer a house in perfect condition.

In this way, you must attend to the different aesthetic approaches that, after all, represent you In other words, they reflect the image with which we feel comfortable and identified. These factors are essential to understand the style.

The tiles that you are going to choose, whether in the bathroom or the kitchen, must be of a similar pattern with which to collaborate in the internal stylistics. In this sense, everything adds up and contributes positively, hence the tiles are an interesting component to build the internal discourse.

In interior design, before making a decision you have to know the environment.

2. Know the more fashionable varieties

Rough ceramic for rustic-style floors

Today there are multiple designs and formats, leading to different possibilities to decorate the house subtly and elegantly. To do this, you must know what is most fashionable and what is most demanded in the market.

  • Colored tiles are, without a doubt, the most common. Combinations of all kinds can be made from tiles to large slabs. The tilework itself functions as a chromatic background and an aesthetic complement.
  • To give a vintage touch to the home you can use hydraulic designs. These can be applied both on the walls and on the floor. Also, they are a useful chromatic base for decoration and convey a certain feeling.
  • Sophistication is achieved if you work only with tiles that are not exuberant or too flashy. Those in relief probably become those that offer a greater degree of functionality and modernity.

3. Attention to materials

Kitchen tiles with horizontal joint.

We all want the materials that are part of the home to be the best. We certainly want the greatest durability; for this reason, tiles are a valid component to guarantee resistance and quality.

On the one hand, there is porcelain stoneware, with its subtle and delicate appearance so typical of the Art Deco style. Therefore, we can rest assured that it will be a good bet.

In the same way, there are rustic-style ceramics or fired clay that offer a more country appearance in addition to coordinating very well with wooden furniture or other stone elements.

Another trend that is making its way into homes lately is stainless steel tiles. In this case, we are talking about a more expensive category but that shows, in turn, a different condition than what we traditionally know.

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