How to Paint a Narrow Hallway to Make it Look Wider

If you're thinking about decorating your narrow hallway, learn about the available options first. We'll explain which colors to use to make it appear wider and more spacious than it really is.
How to Paint a Narrow Hallway to Make it Look Wider

Last update: 25 October, 2021

If you’re planning to paint your narrow hallway, it can’t be undertaken lightly or without forethought. Its colors and decorative elements should fool the eye to make it look wider than it really is. Otherwise, walking through this passageway can be somewhat tortuous and overwhelming.

Fortunately, the color wheel has several options that help to make narrow corridors wider. You have to choose from those colors that contribute to making the space look illuminated and welcoming. This will cause the focus to shift and the amplitude to take a backseat.

Keep reading, because we’re going to explain more about the colors that contribute to this space.

How to paint a narrow hallway to make it look wider

The range of colors to paint a narrow hallway and make it look wider than it really is aren’t that varied. Among them are the lighter and more neutral tones such as white and beige. If colors are your thing, you don’t have to be shy. You can make use of them through subtle decorative elements that give life to your hallway, without reinforcing its reduced width.

Without further ado, we’ll tell you about the colors that you can paint your hallway. Subsequently, this will prevent your anxiety surrounding how narrow it is.


Paint the hallway white.

White is the king of neutral and light colors, which is why it’s the most popular color in small and narrow spaces. This color not only makes your hallway look wider, but it enhances the light that can reach it, making it seem wider.

Also, white combines with all colors, so you won’t have any problems contrasting it with the other walls of your home. You can also add touches of other, more vivid, neutral and vibrant colors through decorative elements.

Cold tones to paint your narrow hallway

If you’re not excited about painting your narrow hallway white, there are other options. Cold tones are another option, among them blue, pink, and lilac stand out in their clearest scale. It’s important to use these tones (also called pastel) because dark tones generate the opposite effect to what we want to achieve.

Now, if you want something even riskier and less traditional, you can choose two shades and combine them. White and light blue are two shades that go very well, so you can use them to paint half of the room blue and the other half white. This will make your hallway even more striking and won’t reduce its width.

Beige color

The beige color (also known as cream) isn’t as boring as white and it retains some color properties. Therefore, it’s one of the best colors to paint a narrow hallway to make it visually appear wider.

This color transmits calm and contributes to making spaces look warmer. All this means that people don’t focus on the room itself and walking through it is a good experience. It’s also a color that combines with most of the shades of the chromatic wheel, so you can add accessories in vivid colors.


Although it’s not the same as paint, another option to make a narrow corridor appear wider is to use wallpaper. Although remember that not all designs are successful. You should avoid those that have a lot of bright colors or floral prints.

Opt for wallpaper that’s light in color and has motifs such as stripes–which should be vertical and thin. These types of stripes make the walls look taller, helping the hallway to look wider. Try playing with delicate colors like light colors and pastels.

Decorative objects to make your hallway look wider

Complement the narrow hallway.

Beyond the paint, there are some decorative objects that also help to make a narrow hallway look wider. The right elements and accessories will promote that aspect of spaciousness that’s already been achieved with the color of your walls.


Mirrors located at strategic points are the best option for narrow corridors. If they’re placed at the end, they’ll promote an aspect of depth. This visually creates more space.

On the other hand, depending on the frame you choose, you’ll also create a very pleasing, elegant, and beautiful focus for the eye. Any mirror you add to this room should go from floor to ceiling. 

Light rugs with horizontal lines

Complement the paint on your walls with a rug that’s light in color and has horizontal lines. If the floor is dark, you’ll generate an elegant environment in which the colors perfectly contrast with each other.

It’s the horizontal stripes in the rugs that’ll contribute the most to your hallway looking wider than it is.

Ready to paint your narrow hallway and make it look wider?

Now you know which colors favor narrow corridors what are you waiting for? Put these tips into practice and create the hallway of your dreams!