How to Decorate Your Toilet Seat in an Innovative Way

You can decorate your toilet seat and lid with simple materials such as adhesive vinyl or more complex designs and materials such as polyresin. Find out more and become inspired!
How to Decorate Your Toilet Seat in an Innovative Way

Last update: 27 September, 2021

Sometimes bathroom designs can become a little boring and stale over time. However, if you decorate your toilet seat and lid, it can change this and breathe new life into your bathroom. This practice is a trend that promises a unique and personal touch for your bathroom.

Moving away from the classic and conventional colors that toilet seats and lids often come in may be risky. However, there are subtle and very elegant ways to do it. Thus, you’ll be able to renew this space in an innovative way and without neglecting the clean and organized appearance that should characterize your bathroom.

Ways to decorate your toilet seat

Reviewing all the elements that make up your bathroom, you’ll find that the toilet is one of the most notorious. In turn, this stands out for its simplicity and most people believe that the only way to renew it is by choosing a color other than the traditional white.

If you agree with this thought, start reading and discover how you can decorate your toilet seat in an innovative way. Move away from the traditional and add one more decorative element to enhance the beauty of your bathroom.

There are a wide variety of options and techniques that you can try. Read on to discover the perfect decorative idea for you.

Vinyl or stickers

Use of decorative vinyls.

To decorate your toilet seat in a simple, economical, and durable way, vinyl or stickers are a great option. This material is so easy to handle that you can install it yourself. Vinyl is a material that adheres to the lid or the seat like a sticker.

In fact, there are a wide variety of designs, colors, and shapes. Both for the bathrooms of adults and children. If you can’t find one that you like, it’s always an option to have a unique and exclusive design made for you. Check this with a lithographic or printing company.


Polyresin is a material with which different products are manufactured and they’re characterized by being durable. It’s made of a plastic polymer which is the material that most toilet seats and lids are commonly covered with.

On this type of resin, designs are placed to personalize the toilet seat or lid. You can use marble, shells, frosting, and flower designs. It all depends on your tastes and creativity.


Use antibacterial paint.

Another easy and simple option for decorating your toilet seat is by using special paint for materials such as plastic and PVC, with which these accessories are usually made. As a special recommendation, choose waterproof paint with antibacterial properties.

If you have artistic skills, delight yourself in painting and decorating your toilet seat and lid in a unique way. If not, you can rely on templates or designs that you’ll find on the internet. This option proposes a unique and exclusive result.

Toilet lids and seats that are already decorated

Although there’s so much more to discover about decorating your own toilet seats and lids, there’s also the option of buying pre-decorated covers. Consult companies specializing in the sale of bathroom accessories and choose from the wide variety of designs available. These include floral prints and a variety of abstract figures.

All you have to do is change your toilet seat or lid and you’ll have a unique and innovative toilet. Your visitors will be surprised and intrigued by the result!

Designs to decorate your toilet seat

If you’re still not sure what design you want to decorate your toilet seat with, here are a couple of design ideas that can guide you. They’re eye-catching options that we know you’ll love!

Classic design

If you don’t like fancy colors, classic design is your thing. In this style, sober colors stand out, which can be combined with exclusive designs. You can find toilet seats and lids with finishes similar to marble, gold, and silver.

You could also choose a transparent lid with subtle and sparkling highlights. This is a classic, but beautiful design.

Minimalist design

Decorate the toilet seat minimalist style.

If you want to give a different touch to your bathroom and you don’t want to overdo the decor, the minimalist style is for you. Minimalist designs include the use of small flowers, dots, and thin, straight lines, but using colors that stand out enough to be noticed.

Decorating with modern designs

Modern designs to decorate toilet seats and lids are in fashion. They leave aside the traditional white color to implement different options. In this case, your toilet seat and lid should match your overall bathroom decor for a more elegant look.

Options include the marine life theme, colorful fish, shells, and sea stones.

Youthful designs to decorate your toilet seat and lid

Toilet seats for young people and children usually have a higher level of personalization. In this case, certain excesses are allowed in order to motivate children to use the bathroom. The use of animated dolls, fashion cartoons, or children’s favorites are included.

Adhesive vinyl or paint is a good idea in children’s bathrooms. If they’re old enough, include your children in the decorating activity and let them add their own creativity.

Decorating your toilet seat and lid is easy

Decorating your toilet seat and lid in an innovative way is something that’s very simple to do–depending on the material and technique you choose. Before starting work, remember that your bathroom is a place that must be clean and free of bacteria.

Although you’ve probably seen that fabric covers are sometimes used on toilet seats and lids, this material tends to harbor moisture. It can facilitate the growth of microorganisms and bad odors. Similarly, it prevents proper cleaning of the toilet, so its use isn’t always recommended.

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