Getting it Right: The Color of Interior Doors

Choosing the right colors for your interior doors is fairly simple. You just need a few pointers on which color will best suit your style. Keep reading, because we're here to help!
Getting it Right: The Color of Interior Doors

Last update: 29 March, 2022

When the interior doors in your home begin to deteriorate, there are different alternatives to renew them, such as painting them in a new color. Painting interior doors will breathe new life into your home.

This is an inexpensive and easy-to-do project. If you have some experience or a good idea of how to complete this task, it’ll be easy to remove the old color, patch the door, and refresh the color with something new. Read on to discover the options that you have.

How do you choose the color for interior doors?

white doors

Choosing the ideal colors for your interior doors is a relatively easy task. However, you must take quite a few details into consideration, such as the tones of your home. This includes the walls, the floors, the ceilings, and your decorative accessories.

Another relevant aspect that you’ll need to consider has to do with lighting. This is because lighting directly impacts the colors. Once you’ve identified these factors, you can start making the right decisions that are in tune with your personal tastes and preferences.

Next, we’ll describe the colors established as a trend when it comes to decorating interior doors. Keep reading!


White has a great advantage because it helps to illuminate spaces efficiently. In fact, it even helps rooms to look bigger. When it comes to interior doors, this color provides these characteristics, as well as vitality and modernity. If you choose this tone, you should also consider applying it to your baseboards.


When we talk about the color gray, we must remember that it combines very well with other shades. This is because it’s a neutral tone, which will make your interior doors look elegant, modern, and sober at the same time.

Light grays will give that sensation of luminosity that white also provides. Plus, it’ll make the overall space feel serene and relaxed. Now, if your walls are painted in a light gray, the right gray tone for the interior door is a dark one. It’ll make for an incredible contrast!

This also applies in the opposite format–dark tones on the wall and lighter tones on the doors.


Black interior doors

One of the favorite and most fashionable colors to paint interior doors in is black. This brings elegance to any home and gives a feeling of a very sophisticated space. This color is ideal for rejuvenating homes decorated in traditional, classic, and modern styles.

It’s also a tone that fits very well with the minimalist trend.

Dark blue or petrol blue

If you want to have a home that looks very sophisticated and elegant, but is also different from usual, painting interior doors in dark blue or petrol colors is a guaranteed success.

This shade goes great with black and white too. But be careful! These blue colors don’t work as well in dimly lit spaces, as they can make rooms look dark and somewhat gloomy.

The color of interior doors: tips to consider

Here are a few important tips to keep in mind when choosing the color for interior doors:

  • Using the same colors on doors and walls increases the sense of continuity. This is because the presence of the door won’t be so noticeable. The prominence will be taken by the color of the walls, your furniture, decorative objects, and general style.
  • When you choose a color for your interior doors that’s different from the color of your walls, it creates a very favorable contrast with your general decor. This combination will attract attention and become the protagonist. Without a doubt, your visitors will also notice the difference too.
  • If your floors and walls are light or painted in pastel colors, a dark-colored door will be much more striking. You can use similar tones on a much stronger and darker scale if you want to maintain harmony.
  • When your floor and walls are slightly darker, it’s better to paint the interior doors in a medium or lighter tone. By doing this, it’ll stand out, for the reasons we explained in the previous point.

As you can see, the color of interior doors goes beyond the traditional and natural wooden tones. Either way, it’s certainly worth exploring some of the proposals that we’ve presented. Which one will you choose?