Colors to Create and Paint a Feminine Bedroom

If you're looking to create and paint a feminine bedroom, keep reading! Today, we'll explain the colors that represent feminity and which colors will best suit this space.
Colors to Create and Paint a Feminine Bedroom

Last update: 11 October, 2021

The feminine bedroom will always be a space that’s full of life and identifies the woman who will use it. Although there’s a stereotype surrounding pink, this isn’t the only color that most identifies with women–the feminine color palette is quite wide.

The common point is to choose colors that express calm, serenity, and elegance. As an additional recommendation, make sure that the color or colors you’ve chosen to paint your feminine bedroom combine with your general decor.

To achieve this, you can use similar colors, but in different shades such as red and pink or electric blue and sky blue. You can also use opposite colors that combine well such as gray and yellow or green and pink.

How to paint and create a feminine bedroom

Example of wall layering in dark colors.
Black decoration /

Painting a feminine bedroom goes beyond pink and we’re going to tell you the options you have. Choose the one you like the most or combine them to make your bedroom unique and unmatched.


Black is a wonderful color–if you know how to use it. You can create a feminine bedroom and make this a very elegant space. In recent years it’s no longer considered a color that reflects sadness and darkness, rather, one to express good taste and modernity.

If you don’t like the typical colors that are associated with feminity, such as pink and lilac, black is perfect for you. It will give your feminine bedroom a look of maturity and style. It also works well with colors such as white, gray, and other lighter or brighter colors.

White for a feminine bedroom

White is the most common color in neutral, feminine bedrooms–and in all areas of the home. It’s a color with outstanding advantages and improves lighting by visually expanding spaces. It can be used alone or contribute to highlighting the colors and shapes of the rest of your decor.

Moreover, if you want to have a feminine bedroom that looks delicate, but at the same time organized and spacious, you must ensure that white predominates.

The only recommendation that you should consider has to do with your accessories–try to ensure that these aren’t all white. Otherwise, you risk creating a boring and monotonous bedroom. You’ll get the best result when you combine white walls with accessories in pastel or earth tones.


Turquoise walls.

The color turquoise is very vibrant and full of life. Painting a feminine bedroom with this color will completely change its essence and turn it into an eye-catching space with a great personality.

Among the colors that you can choose to combine it with is pink, which will make your bedroom a modern and youthful place. Add neutral curtains, so that all the attention is on the turquoise and this way, you’ll avoid saturating the room.

Pastel pink: the stereotypical feminine bedroom

This color may correspond to a feminine stereotype, but there’s nothing wrong with painting your bedroom this color. Pink is a beautiful, peaceful and delicate color that goes very well with shades of gray, white, and other pastels.

Earth tones

To paint a feminine bedroom in the best classic style, the first choice is earth tones. These colors bring warmth and create a unique, cozy atmosphere. Best of all, it lends itself to combining with other colors to create different styles.

With earth tones, you can create a very elegant and simple space–depending on your decor and accessories.


Paint feminine bedroom in gray tones.

Gray is a very beautiful color and, contrary to what many people think, it’s not boring at all. It gets along very well with light colors such as white and pink, and with darker ones like black and higher shades of gray.

If you want to paint your bedroom with this color, use it alone or in combination with those already mentioned. Everything will depend on what you want to achieve.

Green for a feminine bedroom

Green is a wonderful color that can be used in all its shades, from the lightest to the darkest. If you want your bedroom to be a space where you can relax and, at the same time, feel fresh, this color is the one.

In addition, you can accessorize with flowers and plants that’ll complement this color perfectly.


Lilac works very well in a feminine bedroom because it’s youthful and offers a wide variety of tones. The lighter ones are calm and relaxing–ideal for all ages, especially teenagers.

This is a color that can be combined with pink tones, white and other pastel shades. Being able to play around with this color is one of the advantages of lilac. By doing this, you can achieve unique and fun results.

Derived from blue, lilac is specifically from the range of cold colors, making your bedroom a suitable place to rest.

What color will you choose to paint your feminine bedroom?

As you can see, there’s a wide variety of colors to paint and create a feminine bedroom. Dark and light tones are included, so you can delight in choosing and combining.

Choose the color you like the most and don’t forget to add your personal stamp!

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