Lilac - A Favorite in Home Decor

Here are some great ideas to decorate your house with the color lilac.
Lilac - A Favorite in Home Decor

Last update: 03 November, 2020

Lilac is pale, elegant, and full of mystery. However, at the same time, it has a vibrant spark capable of filling any space with life. Below, we want to give you the keys to decorating with this color. The main one lies in knowing how to combine it. Are you ready?

The definition of lilac

A bedroom with a purple wall.

One of the lightest shades of purple is lilac, which you get by mixing red and blue. In recent years, it’s become a color associated with feminism and, therefore, with passion and the desire for change.

Some of its darker shades are also associated with intelligence and fortune. That’s why when thinking about using the color lilac, people usually relate it to areas they want to be elegant but fresh.

The color lavender, as it’s also known, has a calm and relaxing effect just like its namesake plant. Without a doubt, this is a color you should take into account if you want to add calmness and serenity to any of your spaces.

How to combine it

A room filled with the color lilac.

Although it’s a somewhat striking color, lilac doesn’t overpower so don’t be afraid to use it to decorate any room. It looks nice mixed with gray, pink, green, black, or neutral tones like beige or white.

Lilac works well to create contrast with mustard or turquoise. You can use these combinations through decor items such as rugs and cushions.

Another sophisticated idea is to combine different shades and create a monochromatic effect. If you do it right, it’ll look stylish and won’t overpower the room at all, quite the contrary.

How to use the color lilac in your decor

A bedroom with some gold tones.

The recommended color intensity will depend on the decor style you want to project since the effect is very different in each.

Lighter shades of violet and lilac are perfect for vintage spaces and for lovers of shabby chic, where romanticism and flowers are the protagonists.

In this case, a lilac bedroom would be a good choice, since, besides being beautiful, it invites sweet dreams. You can put up wallpaper or use it on your bedding. Look at this IKEA duvet cover.

If you’re looking for a more contemporary and sophisticated effect, it’s best to opt for the darker range. Use it in small doses, like on an armchair, curtains, or a floral vase.

Lilac is one of the colors that’ll help you create an elegant, modern, and up-to-date bedroom. Don’t hesitate to use eggplant and purple as well!

Some key tips

A living room with some flowers on the coffee table.
  • At the table – you can enjoy a quiet gathering outdoors using lilac plates. It’s a great color for the summer since it’ll remind you of the countryside.
  • A home spa – there’s no better way to relax than filling your bathroom with lavender. Put dry bouquets of this plant everywhere, fill the bathtub with lavender salts, light a lavender-scented candle, and choose lilac towels as well.
  • On the ceiling – painted ceilings have become one of the favorite interior design decor trends of and this color is so bright that it gives a spacious effect to your rooms.

The color lilac is full of magic and very easy to apply when it comes to decoration, so don’t hesitate to fill your house with it.

It’s perfect for the bedroom and one of the most popular colors in the bathroom. In addition, if you have a garden, don’t hesitate to use it in your outdoor decor.

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