5 Ideas on How to Make a Spa in Your Home

Want to have a spa right in your home? We're going to give you some original ideas on how to do that in this article!
5 Ideas on How to Make a Spa in Your Home

Last update: 06 September, 2019

At the end of your long working day or week, there’s nothing better than time to relax and feel comfortable. This leads a lot of people to go to spas because they’re definitely one of the best places to get that time. But if for whatever reason that doesn’t work for you, don’t worry! There are also ways to make a spa in your own home!

If you’re looking for ways to clear your mind and relax, what better place to do it than your own house? That’s why we wanted to dedicate this article on how to make a spa in your own home, with all the personal touches to make you feel comfortable.

You can design and organize some of the areas in your bathroom with this in mind. Add some nice personal touches and you’ll create the perfect space in which to relax. If you want to make a spa in your home, you’ll need a variety of elements that work well together. Here are our 5 ideas on how to do that.

Making a spa in your home for relaxation time

If you want to make a complete spa in your home, you’ll need to use several different elements. That includes things like pleasant fragrances, good lighting, the right temperature, soft fabrics, and relaxing music. From there, you can add some bathroom accessories you like and design a perfect at-home spa.

1. Fresh fragrances in the tub

If you want to really be able to relax, you’ll need to draw a bath at the perfect temperature. If you have a hydromassage tub, that’ll take your spa day to the next level. Otherwise, you can simply add other relaxing elements. For example, you could add some bath salts and bubbles, with fresh, natural fragrances like pine, lemon, or apple.

Make sure to choose products that aren’t harmful to your skin. Essential oils and incense are both great ways to add a nice aroma to the room too.

2. Soft fabrics

Fabrics are a key part of having a comfortable spa in your home. You should pick out soft, thick towels, robes, and even mats. That way, the moment you get out of your soothing bath, you’ll have the soft touch of the fabric on your skin. You can even pre-heat the towels and robes if you want to keep the temperature change from shocking your system.

3. Good lighting

Lighting is another one of the key elements to creating a truly relaxing spa in your home. After all, light can create a different atmosphere depending on the type you use. Our recommendation for your at-home spa is soft, dim lighting.  For example, you could just use candles and candle holders as your only light source.

Having that kind of lighting will make for a relaxing, calm space free of bright lights that will help you enter a peaceful state of mind. You could even put some of the candles around the rim of your tub–it will look absolutely gorgeous.

4. Relaxing music

Music is also a big part of creating a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere. The easiest way to do that is to use a small, cordless speaker that’s not near the water. You could play natural sounds to connect you with a sense of tranquility, like water, wind, and birds. Or, you could find some relaxing music of your own.

5. Side table

If you want, you can even put a side table beside the bathtub while you’re in it. It’ll give you a place to put all of the things you might want to use while you’re in the bath. That could be anything from a sponge, cream, a face mask, to bath salts.

Another great option is to get a small wooden board and put it across the bathtub like a tray. That will give you a place to put things like soft drinks, a glass of wine, or even a book if you feel like reading!

Your goal here is to create a warm, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing space. You should neatly organize every part of your bathroom and give it the most soothing feel possible. This will make it feel like you have a fancy spa right in your home. For true relaxation, you’ll want to keep the area clear, well-organized, and minimal.

One good way to do that is to have a specific part of the bathroom designated for each specific part of your relaxation routine.

Give it a try and you’ll see how few things it takes to make a spa in your own home. You can even use things you already have so you don´t have to spend lots of money. The main thing is to pick out scents you like and lighting that feels right. Then you can turn on the music, light the candles, and start to relax in your own home!