Fun Ideas For Delivering Christmas Gifts

Delivering Christmas gifts is one of the most exciting and anticipated activities at this time of the year. Discover our ideas for fun and creative ways of giving.
Fun Ideas For Delivering Christmas Gifts

Last update: 21 December, 2022

The time for giving is fast approaching and we’re going to share some fun and innovative ideas for delivering your Christmas gifts. This year, do something extra special and go beyond just leaving gifts under the tree

Make this Christmas a dynamic and memorable time that unites the whole family. Bring out resounding laughter and put everyone to the test at the same time. Want to learn more? Keep reading!

Ideas for delivering Christmas gifts

No matter how you give it, giving a gift will always bring joy to both the giver and the receiver. However, there are fun and creative ways to do it and we want to highlight these so your Christmas will be even more memorable.

Christmas is a long-awaited time that’s full of magic, so you need to transmit the same feelings when you give each of your loved ones the gifts you’ve bought for them.

Offer gifts at the Christmas celebration at home.
This Christmas start delivering gifts in a unique way by following our ideas.

1. Make a treasure map

The treasure hunt is a traditional game and you can use it as a way to give and deliver your Christmas gifts. It consists of designing a map, (of the layout of your home) and includes some clues to lead the participants to the exact place where the treasure is hidden.

This year, you can put a letter addressed to each family member or loved one and enclose their own map. When everyone is ready, start the game and put the mental agility of your guests to the test! If you have a garden, take advantage of this space too! Bury or hide the gift outdoors and make the game even more challenging.

2. Create a path for delivering Christmas gifts

The traditional practice is to leave Christmas gifts under the tree, but this year, why not break with tradition and deliver them in a very different way? Trace a path to each Christmas gift from the tree. You can do this for each of your loved ones.

Simply give each person a Christmas figure and ask them to follow the corresponding path, which will lead them to their gifts. You can use Christmas bears, angels, lanterns, snowmen, or any figure that’ll illustrate and represent this magical time.

3. Make a puzzle for big surprises

There are Christmas gifts that are difficult to deliver; gifts that aren’t necessarily physical gifts, such as trips, vouchers, or a ticket to a concert. What’s the best way of giving these types of gifts? 

A puzzle of course! It’s a fun and exciting way for delivering Christmas gifts that aren’t necessarily physical gifts. Simply put together a puzzle, which you can make yourself out of cardboard. The idea is for the recipient to find the scattered pieces on the Christmas tree, put them together, and discover their gift!

4. Organize a guessing game

When it comes to giving out the gifts under the tree, have each person guess who it’s for. You can use different dynamics for this. Imitate their most particular gestures, give clues surrounding the clothes they’re wearing, or give information such as their age. Their gift will not be delivered until everyone has correctly guessed who it’s for. 

Delivering Christmas gifts will be a pleasant memory, have the guests guess the recipient of the gift.

Delivering Christmas gifts is such a fun activity. Let your guests guess the recipient of each gift.

5. Delivering Christmas gifts in different wrappers

Some of your loved ones may already guess what their gift is before they open it because the packaging gives them away. This year, don’t let this happen and create a pleasant surprise.

You can use boxes to create a parcel that’s bigger than the gift. This innocent prank plays with the emotions of your loved ones, leaves them guessing, and makes for a wonderful surprise.

6. Recreate a moment of surprise

The last idea for delivering Christmas gifts is ideal if you’re going to celebrate Christmas away from home this year. If you’re in a restaurant, or at a hotel, have someone else deliver gifts to your loved ones.

The recipient won’t know who the gift is from. The idea is that the card is wrapped inside the gift to create more suspense! In the first instance, you should also pretend to be surprised.

No matter how you go about delivering Christmas gifts, enjoy the moment

We’ve shared six different ways for you to go about delivering Christmas gifts this year. Choose the ideas you like the most or invent your own original ways of giving. Remember, regardless of the gift and the dynamics, this is a memorable moment for everyone to enjoy.

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