Original Christmas Tree Ideas

Christmastime calls for Christmas decor. But it doesn't have to be traditional, try these innovative and original ideas instead!
Original Christmas Tree Ideas

Last update: 28 November, 2019

Festive decor is essential at Christmas. But why not try something a little different? In our post today, check out our original Christmas tree ideas.

Most people use typical Christmas decor: bows, stockings, ornaments, garlands, tinsel, etc. But you can use other resources to create original decor.

Ultimately the most important decoration is the Christmas tree. But it doesn’t have to be a fresh pine or spruce from the countryside. You can make a tree out of natural or recycled household items.

Book Christmas tree

Christmas tree books

If you have books just sitting on shelves because you’ve already read them or simply don’t plan on readingyou can give them a second use as a Christmas tree. How?

  • First lay down a layer of books in a circle. Build it up in a cone shape. Or simply set them up against a wall in a flat Christmas tree shape.
  • Make sure the colors of the covers create a nice color palette.
  • Don’t stack them recklessly. Taking the time to secure the structure will ensure stability and require fewer books.
  • You don’t have to use a traditional star on top. Feel free to make one out of paper or another material.

— A book tree is an easy activity, perfect to do as a family. —

Tin can Christmas tree

Christmas tree tin can

Reusing circular tin cans, such as tuna cans, to make a tree is super original. Try using different shapes in your design to make it more dynamic.

  • Instead of throwing away your cans, collect around 100 of all sizes. They can be any color, just make sure that they’re nice and shiny.
  • Glue down your cans onto a board or canvas. Make sure that they’re securely in place and that you glue the bottom side down to your support, not the other way around.
  • Arrange them into a pyramid shape. Don’t worry about the label. When all the cans are next to each other, you won’t be able to see it.
  • You can place toys, bows, little bells, pieces of candy, figurines, adornments or similar things into the cans.

Tree branch Christmas tree

Christmas tree branches

Another cool way to set up a Christmas tree is by using bare branches. Make sure they’re straight and don’t have any smaller branches sticking out.

  • Place them onto a support and put them into big-to-small order. Or, you can set them up directly on a wall. Both ways have a stylized Christmas tree effect.
  • But you can also make a 3D tree. Fix a central branch and place the other branches over it, like a cross, to build up your tree.
  • You can make a small or big tree depending on the effect you want to create.
  • Make sure your tree isn’t too bare; decorate it with ornaments and tinsel to make it shine.
  • Adorn the top with a Christmas star.

Wine cork Christmas tree

wine cork Christmas tree

Wine corks work perfectly for a tree. Just as we explained in the previous ideas, stack them into a pyramid shape.

Make sure you use a support and glue to keep all the corks securely fixed. In addition, you can paint the corks afterward for a pop of color.

Vinyl decal Christmas tree

Christmas tree decal

Trees don’t always have to be 3D or have texture. You can also ignore all the traditional  Christmas decor  ideas and make one out of vinyl decals.

Just look for a bare spot on a wall and set up your decals in a way that it won’t be blocked by furniture or other items. You can even add a festive message at the top.