Great Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Not sure how to wrap your Christmas gifts? Let your your creative side and each one unique. Read on to see some ideas!
Great Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Last update: 26 January, 2019

Its the time of year for gifts and surprises. So, we want to give you some ideas on how to make sure the base of your Christmas tree dazzles. Giving is a wonderful thing, but if you can also personalize with specific materials and colors, it’s even better. Read on for some great Christmas gift wrapping ideas!


In an era of mass production, adding special touches to gifts makes it clear how important someone is to you. It adds an extra special something to this magical time of the year.

When Christmas is around the corner and it’s gift wrapping time, think about the paper, accessories, and colors you can use. This will bring so much more joy to the person receiving it.

You could also use decorative accessories that bring some cheer to the living room or help your kids do Christmas decorations in their rooms.

Stay away from factory and department store wrapping. Instead, personalize things yourself– it’ll make your gifts more special.

Christmas gift wrapping ideas

Kraft paper

kraft paper
This is one of our favorites. Who would have guessed the brown paper stores use to wrap packages in would become a decor trend?

With this as your starting point, you have lots of different options.

Wrap a gift in kraft paper and tie it with a thin bow for a nostalgic feel. 

You can also print out photos with a vintage filter and glue them on, instead of writing names.

This kind of paper goes well with just about anything and looks great with thick, colorful bows too. 

And you can even paint on it! Watercolor, acrylic, ink, colored pencils… if you like art, this is a great choice for you!

Nature as a gift

Once you’ve wrapped your gifts, add a natural detail. An olive leave, a eucalyptus leave, or a bunch of wildflowers are some of our favorites. They’re delicate, personal touches that will definitely put a smile on the receiver’s face.


flowers in a gift

On a similar note, adding natural fragrances is also a great gift wrapping idea. Instead of flowers and leaves, you can use a cinnamon stick, orange peel, sage, or even dried vanilla. Your gifts will smell divine.

Color contrasts

Combine two colors that stand out against each other. You could use pastels or more intense colors–the point is for them to really contrast. For example, pink paper and a green bow. You could also add some colorful mini ornaments to your gifts for a great final touch.


This is perfect for children and people with a sweet tooth. Add a truffle or a tiny bouquet of sweets instead of a bow. It’ll be like giving them two gifts at once, and they’ll be delighted from the moment they lay their eyes on it!

Are we going to read?

No, instead of reading the newspaper, use it to wrap your Christmas gifts. Fabric bows are very trendy right now and contrast really well with newspaper. You could also add some touches of gold to give it a more glamorous look.


burlap thread

Use natural fibers to wrap your gifts. Linen, burlap, and even yarn can make for charming natural options. Say no to plastics and materials treated with chemicals.

Have you heard of furoshiki?

Japan is the leader in decor trends, and it’s captivated millions with its passion for order and its decorative philosophy. Marie Kondo recently showed us an amazingly simple, original, and gorgeous technique from Japan: f uroshiki.

What you do is take a cloth or piece of fabric you don’t use anymore and wrap your gift with that. Instead of using string, you use the fabric itself to make a bow.

Time to set them out

Now that you’ve put all this effort in and it’s time to put your gifts under the tree. You’re not just going to do it any which way, are you?

You could follow a color and shape pattern, put them in a big box or chest, or group them by people in wicker baskets. 

Your gifts will be the star of the day before they’ve even been unwrapped.