All You Can Do With Christmas Baubles!

Christmas baubles can add a lot of fun to your home decor. Today, we'll suggest some festive ideas for you to decorate your home.
All You Can Do With Christmas Baubles!

Last update: 02 November, 2021

It’s nearly that time of year again! When the stores begin to stock Christmas items it means that the holidays are coming. But beyond decorating your tree, this year we want to show you that Christmas baubles can have a lot of other uses to give your home that special touch.

Wreaths, centerpieces, hanging garlands… imagination has no limits for us to open the door to one of the most beautiful times of the year.

Christmas baubles on the tree

All you can do with Christmas balls

If there’s one thing you associate with Christmas, it’s the baubles that you hang on the tree. There are the classic colored ones made of glass and some remastered versions made of wood, cardboard, and even paper.

This year, let’s look at them from another angle and bring back the prominence they deserve. We can completely transform the ones we already have or use them to create beautiful decorations that give a festive touch to our homes.

Let’s take out our boxes of crafts and get creative because we’re going to spend some very entertaining afternoons making cool and original decorations.

A wreath made with Christmas baubles

The entrance door needs us to introduce Christmas and, for this, there’s nothing better than a wreath to announce it. There are hundreds of options that we can choose from, it all depends on the colors and the style with which we’ve decorated our home.

We just need a circular base so that we can glue the different decorative baubles on it. We love the idea of combining baubles in various colors and figurines with winter motifs.

A wintry corner

Another great idea that can decorate our homes beyond the month of December, is to create a garland with Christmas baubles. How? We can hang several baubles on a branch at different heights and add a strip of LED lights to give it that warm atmosphere. If we put them on a wall on a side table, we can always include some more winter elements such as fake snow and figurines.

All you can do with Christmas balls

Christmas baubles for a fake tree

Those who don’t enjoy Christmas decorations, but still want to bring a little spirit to their homes, can opt for a fake tree made of twigs or a wooden ladder. We can use any element that serves as a structure to hang baubles from in different colors and sizes.

A round centerpiece

It’s time for family meals around the table, so this means we need to decorate our tables accordingly. In addition to delicious food, fine linens, and the crockery that we keep for special days, we must add some festive details.

A centerpiece made with Christmas baubles is just what we need. We’ve found so much inspiration on the internet that ranges from glass vases filled with baubles to mixing them with flowers and pine twigs. Everything you choose will depend on the rest of your decorations.

Personalized Christmas baubles

Of course, there’s also the option to create our own Christmas baubles. We love the way that the clear glass ones look. They’re super stylish and look good in any setting.

We can open them at the top (very carefully) and fill them with the things we like the most. This can be glitter, confetti, shapes made with paper…

Making Christmas bauble decorations can be a lot of fun. It’s one more way of using this element that’s so typical of the season.

We can cover them with fabric, paint them, hang them or create beautiful centers and wreaths for our homes. These are just a few ideas, but surely you can come up with plenty more!

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