Easter Wreaths to Spruce Up Your Front Door

Easter wreaths are perfect for celebrating such an important holiday. The best part is that you can make them yourself with just a handful of materials.
Easter Wreaths to Spruce Up Your Front Door

Last update: 24 June, 2019

We’re quickly approaching Easter! If you’re a fan of holiday crafts, don’t miss out on our post today. We have ideas for Easter wreaths that’ll spruce up your home entrance. And it won’t cost you a penny!

Ideas for DIY Easter wreaths

Think wreaths can only decorate doors during ChristmastimeEaster wreaths are also lovely and perfect for letting onlookers know that its a meaningful holiday to us.

Easter wreaths are more common in the United States and Northern Europe. They’ll fit just fine alongside chocolate eggs and other special Easter treatsIf you like DIY crafts and want to do something original and easy to decorate your door, check out our Easter wreaths.

1. Fabric wreath

easter wreaths fabric

You can use leftover scraps of cloth or buy fabric in your favorite colors. This idea also ties in iconic images like bunnies or eggs.

To get started, you’ll need a thick wire hoop, cotton or felt for stuffing, white cloth, strips of sackcloth, colorful stuffed animals or Easter favorites, a needle, thread, scissors, and glue.

Take your choice of filler and wrap it around the hoop to make it thicker. After, cover the structure with the white cloth. Braid the strips of sackcloth over it. On the bottom part of the wreath, use more strips to create a basket pattern. Sew on the stuffed animals (they should already be stuffed with either cotton or felt) as if they were popping out of the basket.

2. Wooden wreath

easter wreaths wooden

Wooden or wicker wreaths are available at arts and craft stores. They’ll make it much easier to complete this decor project.

You need: yarn in various different colors and styles, felt in different colors, pompoms, scissors, glue, pins, nylon string, doll eyes and noses, colorful bows, edible Easter eggs, and bunny materials.

Wrap half of your wreath with the yarn (this will be the bottom half of the wreath) and glue a little ribbon bow on the top part (the opposite side of the yarn-wrapped side).

Use a different ribbon to decorate the bare areas of the wreath. Use the felt to make little baskets and glue them on top of the yarn-wrapped area. Fill the little baskets with the Easter eggs.

To make the bunny, connect a stick to two pompoms. Use a smaller one for the head and a bigger one for its body. Glue on the ears, eyes, and nose– and don’t forget the whiskers! Add as much detail as you want. Glue the bunny in the inner part of the wreath and you’re done!

3. Bunny-shaped wreaths

Easter wreaths bunny

For our next idea, you’ll need several wooden or wicker wreaths. But it comes together easier than you might think. Buy a big, medium and two small wreaths. You’ll also need a wide ribbon, glue, thin string and some paper or artificial flowers.

The big wreath will be the bunny’s body and the medium, its head. Tie them together with the thin string. Cover the string with the wide ribbon, tying it into a nice bow.

After, take the two smaller wreaths and carefully reshape them into long ovals. These will be your bunny’s ears. Tie them onto the body as you did before with the string. Hide the string by gluing paper flowers on top.

Decorate your Easter wreath however you want. You could use dried leaves, flowers, paper strips, more ribbons or whatever you have around.

4. Easter egg wreath

easter wreath easter egg

Our last Easter wreath idea is perfect if you want to add lots of color to your door. You’ll need a wire or a thin wicker hoop as well as color Easter eggs, edible or not.

The project comes together just by gluing the eggs on the wreath and finishing it off with colorful ribbons. It’s a perfect project to do with children!

Which wreath will you make this Easter? Get ahead of the game and decorate your door with the cutest decor!