Red Plants to Fill Your Garden with Joy

If you like the color red, get to know the plants that'll enhance the beauty of your garden. Fall in love with one or all of them!
Red Plants to Fill Your Garden with Joy

Last update: 18 January, 2022

Every garden and plant lover should know about the red plants that we’re going to describe in this article. Their tones are bright, vibrant and very energetic. It simply won’t be possible for people to pass through your outdoor space without praising it. Do you want to know what these plants are? Keep reading!

The red plants you need to know about

According to the psychology of color, the brighter a red color is, the more it attracts attention. It’s related to celebration and joy and it symbolizes strength, passion, fire and revolution, among other things. Having one or more of these red plants in your garden will make it look very vibrant. If you want to, you can even use some cut flowers from these plants to decorate your home interior too.

Moreover, flowers in bright red colors attract birds such as hummingbirds and bumblebees. By growing red plants and flowers, nature will make a home in your garden that also radiates life.

1. Guzmania


Guzmania is very popular, not only for its red color, but for its beauty. They’re part of the Bromeliad family, native to the southwestern areas of South America and the Antilles.

They have arched, long, rigid leaves of an intense green color that make their red false flowers or bracts stand out. Equally, they’re robust plants so they adapt well to small outdoor gardens and home interiors. Its stem doesn’t exceed 30 centimeters in height and its shape makes it recognizable as a scarlet star.

The right temperature for flowering to take place is between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Because it comes from the rainforest, it’s familiar with shady and humid spaces.

2. Red plants: anthurium

The anthurium is used in interior decor because of the beauty of its flower and its red color. It has an advantage and that is that it blooms continuously, standing out among the heart-shaped and lanceolate green leaves that it has, whose color is an intense green.

It’s also a plant that requires a lot of humidity, as it comes from the tropical jungle of Colombia. For this same reason, it needs to be in a place where it receives natural light, avoiding direct sun. You can have a passion red anthurium or a brownish garnet that’s also beautiful.

3. Red hibiscus


The hibiscus flower is beautiful, stands out for its intense red color and has medicinal properties. It’s also known as Jamaica flower and stands out because in infusions it’s used as an anxiolytic, regulator of circulation, antioxidant, diuretic and moisturizer.

This shrub is also known as China rose or cayenne and can reach five meters in height if planted directly in the ground or two meters deep in a pot. In countries with a tropical climate, flowering is constant, it occurs throughout the year. In Spain or Europe, the flowers come out between summer and autumn.

4. Poinsettiao poinsettia

The poinsettia is a very traditional red plant popular at Christmas. It comes from Mexico, but it’s recognized almost all over the world for its extraordinary beauty. This plant has green and red leaves and the flowers are actually bracts.

The real flowers are the small ones inside the bracts and are green with red and a little yellow. These beautiful red plants go very well with those in white and pink. You’ll achieve an incredible contrast.

These very beautiful Christmas plants are used as decorations and can be made into centerpieces or table runners.

5. Chaenomeles: the Japanese quince


Chaenomeles are deciduous shrubs that produce small but brightly colored flowers, including red. It has a peculiarity and that is that it blooms during the last month of winter, anticipating the arrival of spring.

In addition, this shrub produces small fruits that resemble an apple. Its flavor is very acidic, but you can prepare a delicious jam with them. This is a plant that does very well outdoors due to its size. Although for those who want to enjoy its beauty and red color, there’s the bonsai version.

Which red plants did you like?

We’ve mentioned only five of the red plants from the many varieties that there are. These are all beautiful options, there’s one for each season and they have the advantage of being able to be kept inside or outside the home. Enjoy their beauty and the energy that seeing them every day will give you!

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