Exposed Pipes: Another Great Decor Element

Learn about the current exposed pipe trend and create a gorgeous decor for your home.
Exposed Pipes: Another Great Decor Element

Last update: 07 March, 2019

Looking for original home decor? In today’s post, we’re going to talk about a decor trend that uses exposed pipes. We’ll also explain different ways you can decorate with them.

Pipes are sometimes left exposed after their installation. If that’s your case, instead of covering them, you can use them as a part of your home decor. On the other hand, if you want to add pipes specifically for decoration, there are many ways to decorate.

You can also find contemporary style cabinets that use pipes in their base structure. Below, we’ll dive into the details of this hot decor trend.

Decorate with exposed pipes

exposed pipes 1

While exposed pipes are very characteristic of industrial style homes, you can also use them in other decor styles as well. Additionally, they work in any room such as bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. You can also use them throughout your home to unify the general decor. And they’re great for hanging things on or creating furniture pieces as well.

Ceiling and wall pipes

As we mentioned earlier, you can use exposed pipes on your ceilings or walls. You can use them as decorative elements or even to hide your cords or wires. They can also work as a rack to display things. Pipes can even go on the upper part of your wall, where it meets the ceiling. Install them horizontally or vertically wherever you want.

Pipe colors

Paint your pipes to create the effect that you want. But contrasting and matching them with your wall colors is crucial. Use the colors to create a nice palette of both colors and materials in your home. Try white, black, gray, copper, silver or bold colors.

Creating contrasts between your pipes and walls can be a great idea if you need to add a little personality to your home decor. If you have white walls, try painting your pipes  copper, black, gray, red, blue or yellow. Or, if you have dark or brick walls, try white, silver, copper or another contrasting color instead. With color, you can give your home some serious style and originality. Choose your favorite color and paint away.

exposed pipes 2

Use your exposed pipes as racks

Pipes can also make great racks. You can use them to hold silverware holders and kitchen pots, for example. Or hangs lights or a mirror on them for your bathroom. Another idea is adding small hooks to your pipe to hang your hats, umbrellas or jackets in your bedroom.

Pipe furniture

Aside from decorating walls and ceilings, you can also use pipes to make your own furniture. Make them yourself, ask for help or have them custom-ordered with your choice of materials.


You can set up a nice, large shelf with a thin, copper pipe structure and white wooden board. This material set is quite popular and looks gorgeous in white spaces. You can use it for bedrooms, kitchens or even living rooms.


Fixing pipes on your wall and using them as an original clothes-hanger is another great idea. You could have two convenient pipes to organize your clothes. Measure out the height you want and make this original organizer for yourself.

Light fixtures

exposed pipes 3

Lastly, you can also create beautiful standing or hanging lamps with exposed pipes. Hide the wires inside the pipes and enjoy a truly original light fixture. Choose the colors and pipe widths that you like the most.

As you’ve read with us today, exposed pipes are a hot decor trend. You can even use them as furniture. They’ll make for a wonderful contrast of texture and colorsThese simple yet original structures will also fill your home with personality. Have fun and use these fantastic ideas to decorate your home.

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