What Kinds of Decorative Pillows Match your White Couch?

If you have a white couch, you have a wild card that'll let you decorate with pillows of all kinds of colors and patterns.
What Kinds of Decorative Pillows Match your White Couch?

Last update: 22 February, 2019

In our post today, we’d like to fill you in all about the kinds of pillows that you can use with a white couch. There are so many choices at your fingertips.

As you already know, white everything is a huge trend. We usually see it on walls, furniture or accessories; maybe that’s why seeing it on couches or armchairs really catches our eye.

It’s not the most practical choice if you have kids at home, but you can always use covers, which are easy to remove and machine wash. You should also make sure to choose a resistant textile.

White always brings luminosity and amplitude into a setting, making it a great tool for interior decor. If you use white on top of completely white walls, your rooms will look even brighter and bigger.

Just remember: in white rooms, accessories play a fundamental role. They can be plaids, blankets or, as we’ll focus on in this post, decorative pillows. Below, we’ll share the best kinds of decorative pillows for white couches.

white couch 1

Browse different shades of white

While we recommend using colorful pillows with different patterns, some people prefer simple decor without chromatic variation.

If that’s you, we recommend browsing different shades of white to keep everything from looking the exact same. With different whites, you can create a lovely monochrome decor by just using whites.

White smoke, sand white, white ash, bone white, linen, ivory, beige and pearl are just a handful of options that you can consider. To jazz up your setting even more, try choosing pillows with different textures and sizes.

Any color works

As we said before, white works as a base to decorate with any other color. You just need to make sure that there isn’t too much visual contrast: the colors that you choose for your pillows should match well with the ones on the walls or the other accessories in the room.

White goes well with any color; you should aim to use at least two different colors. You’ll be able to alternate between them, creating a livelier decor.

Choose your colors to match your living room’s existing decor. For example: if you have an industrial style, blues, beiges and grays will look great. But if you’re decorating for a Bohemian room, look for brighter, livelier colors.

Keep color psychology in mind as well. You’ll feel a certain way or another depending on the colors that you choose.

Choose patterned pillows for your white couch

You won’t have any problems with patterned pillows for your white couch. Decorating with patterns can get tricky because you can easily throw off harmony or overwhelm a certain area.

But a completely white couch will make it easier to use patterns. Analyze the other patterns in your living room: curtains, rugs, plaids, blankets…

If you’re looking for something simple, we recommend using just one pattern for your pillows, but they can be different sizes. Additionally, choose completely smooth pillows for a stronger visual contrast.

You can find all kinds of patterns for any decorative style. Ethnic patterns are a popular choice, for example.

Try being innovative with textures

Before you go, we want to share our last idea. Don’t forget that you can use different colors, textures and patterns on a single couch. But choose carefully to keep the final result from being too much or mismatched.

As for textures, play around with different kinds of fabrics. Start off by looking for the ones that feel the most comfortable. However, you can also consider rougher pillows like ones that have burlap-like fabric.

Another idea is choosing simple pillows and decorating them yourself. You could use ribbons, beads, sequins… If you’re into DIY, your couch pillows can be a great opportunity.

Then there are also pillows with frills, embroidery and macrame… If you want something else, you can just buy a pillowcase with a texture you like. Besides looking great, they’re very practical because you can wash them easily.

white couch 2

Change your living room

Remember that if you want a balanced and visually pleasing end result, pillow placement also matters. And if you want to switch up your living room decor on a dime, you can just buy new covers for your pillows. Accessories have a huge visual impact. You can use them to give your living room an entirely different look.