Do You Have Any of These Iconic Pieces in Your Home?

Add spark to your decor with one of these great pieces!
Do You Have Any of These Iconic Pieces in Your Home?

Last update: 24 September, 2020

Let’s continue talking about interior design pieces. Most likely you have some of these in your home.

Some of them have come back from the past and have been updated, others never have been. Since they’re timeless and functional, we fell in love with these pieces. Today, we want to share our favorites with you. Do you have any of these? Let’s find out!

The Acapulco chair – great for summer

Iconic Acapulco chair, white and summerly

The Mexican artists that designed it were looking for a chair that would allow air to pass through it and minimize the heat of the tropics. So they decided to construct a circle of iron and cover it with strips of plastic.

The Chesterfield sofa

A brown chester sofa

This is one of the most classic iconic pieces in the world of interior design. Despite its origin from the 19th century, it continues to be popular and sophisticated

Its name comes from the Count of Chesterfield, who had it made so the British high society could sit down as upright as possible without damaging their clothing.

Originally, they used it in men’s clubs, where women weren’t allowed. Today they’re in many living rooms across the entire world. Originally, they were made of leather and we love how they’ve evolved, using fabric, various colors, and combinations. You’ll find this to be a classic English style.

The Eames chair – one of the most modern iconic pieces

An Eames chair of clear plastic

Eames chair/

Charles and Ray Eames designed the Eames chair of plastic in collaboration with Zenith Plastics for a low-cost furniture design contest which the Museum of Modern Art of New York organized in 1950.

Vitra, a European company, and Herman Miller in America commercialized the chair. In contrast to other designer furniture, besides being aesthetic, it’s also comfortable, functional, and durable. What we like most is that it’s one of the iconic pieces that adapt to other decorative styles.

Nested tables

Nested tables in various colors


You might be surprised to know that Josef Albers, a German, designed nesting tables in 1926. Years later, he became a professor in la Bauhaus. As you can see, this was 90 years ago but they appear to be contemporary.

They are ideal as small coffee tables, end tables, or they can even be nightstands for the bedroom.

Tulip table – the most lasting of the iconic pieces

Dining room table with a tulip table


Eero Saarinen, from Finland, was looking to create a simple piece and that, at the same time, would combine with the architecture and interior design. However, he never imagined that the tulip table would turn into an iconic piece that has survived so many decades (dating from the 50s).

You can find it in different colors, finishes, and sizes, but typically these tables are of white laminate. We love how well it goes with the Eames chairs.

The Ikea Raskog cart – one of the most famous iconic pieces

The Rascog cart, one of the iconic pieces


This little cart is in most homes and you shouldn’t be without one. First of all, it’s great to put pictures of your children on. It’s even good to put in the bathroom for your cosmetics. What’s more, it can be used in the kitchen to hold fruit or as a little night table.

Did you know that this is one of the most popular pieces sold in the last decade? Due to its versatility, its reasonable price, and its design, it’s now a “must-have”.

The Arc lamp

The Arch Lamp in one of the iconic pieces


Pier Giacomo Castiglione and the Achille brothers created the arc lamp in the 60s for Flos, an Italian lamp firm. However, in the original version, a base of Carrara marble supports the post that’s in the form of an arc. The marble serves as a counterweight.

The objective of this lamp is to shine light on a table, keeping it at least 6 feet away to avoid getting in the way of people who are eating. This way, it projects light from above. Also, they wanted it to be movable instead of being stationary like ceiling lights.

Which of these iconic pieces is your favorite? Did you recognize all of them? Most likely you have some in your house or you’d like to have soon.

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